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What should I know about search engine optimization basics?

There is nothing to worry about! Even should it happen that you have just come out with your recently forged online business project. Perhaps, you got no idea on how exactly achieve a higher ranking promotion in Google search results. Or you might as well feel lack of a complete awareness or just some puny details about the search engine optimization basics. No problem! The only thing you need to start is recognizing the dominant influence of your online visibility towards the actual revenues to be delivered by your commercial doing in the long run.

search engine optimization basics

Let’s start with the search engine optimization basics. What is SEO? Putting it in plain English, as a business owner you are most likely to want more people visiting your web store to find there what they are looking for, most commonly through putting the keyword query in the search typebar. So, SEO actually stands for a comprehensive set of efforts focused on a single target - getting your web pages visible among the first search engine result pages (SERPs), thus making your website more relevant to both live human requests, and the search engines themselves (their crawling robots dealing with the process of indexing, to be more precise).

Once we made this core definition clear at last, let’s have a look at the search engine optimization basics. With no exception, all webmasters and possibly every single online business owner should be aware of the following core definitions, at least to start with:

Think of your web page content as the king. Seriously, quality writings filling every section of your website is the first thing driving your ranking. Creating an appropriate content rich with the relevant target keywords and key phrases is the backbone in the search engine optimization basics. The trick here is to make every piece of your content thoroughly informative, relevant and user-friendly to meet the needs of live users. At the same time, your content must have a proper structure saturated with the right keywords. That way, delivering purely matching quality results, the search crawling robots will receive an active signal they are looking for when recommending your web pages to real visitors, i.e., putting your website closer to the top of the SERPs.

Next, comes a web design attribute. I mean here that the most advanced websites, who succeeded to be displayed on the top in Google’s search results, are most commonly built in a Spartan-like manner. Their web design looks as clear and straightforward as possible, being clean from any content of visual overload. That enables both the search spiders, and the real visitors with a handy navigation and friendly browsing experience. As you might have already guessed that, the main idea here is to let everyone landing on your web pages find exactly what’s needed as promptly as possible, i.e., without paying a spare click on it.

basic seo

The last primary component in the search engine optimization basics is a well-made metadata. In brief, making the right use of meta information(i.e., HTML codes) means embedding your web page content with many specific meta tags, used by the search robots for easy navigation and indexing. Having your meta tags empowered with the most relevant keywords for your page titles and descriptions is the search engine optimization basics, essential for your online project’s survival on the Web. Note, however, that there are many different types of meta information not covered in this paragraph. So, for complete understanding, I still recommend having an in-depth study for the whole field of metadata.

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