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Has search engine optimization changed its definition?

It is not a secret to anyone that a digital marketing sphere is highly changeable and does not stay still. Over the last few years, Google has made drastic changes to its ranking algorithms. The fundamental purpose of these changes is to improve user’s experience with websites that place on TOP. Nowadays, Google becomes smarter and can evaluate websites quality by the number of factors. That is why a theme of search engine optimization definition is already in high demand. To gain a high-ranking position, you should implement all required search engine optimization techniques which concern both off- and on-site optimization. In this article, we will discuss how Google algorithm updates influence marketers who legitimately use SEO techniques and how to save site positions if the rules of SEO game will be changed.

search engine optimization definition

Current pillars of search engine optimization

All SEO experts agree that there is one non-changeable factor in optimization sphere - quality content. If you continually generate high-quality content, which earns relevant links from other authoritative domains, your site will be in TOP under any circumstances. However, a method of improving the number and quality of inbound links have become outdated. Currently, you need to build your promotional campaign focusing on three primary aspects - quality content, social media marketing, and link building. To gain the highest amplification effect in the rankings, you need to combine all these optimization aspects.

  • Quality content

Nowadays, content has become a serious approach among online marketers as Google start to penalize low-quality and copy-pasted content. To improve your website rankings, you need continuously generate high-quality and engaging content on relevant to your market niche topics. Make sure you correctly insert search terms into your content as it a bottom line of SEO definition. Moreover, you need to make your content well-structured by using bullets, paragraphs and numbered lists. Google ranks a long and quality content better than short and light one.    

  • Organic link juice

Link-building is a crucial website optimization strategy which can be made both organically and non-organically. Organic or white-hat SEO link building refers to obtaining links juice to a site by methods of blog posting, link sharing, and articles publication. Non-organic or black-hat SEO is all about link purchasing and link farming. It is an easy way to attract users. However, you need to understand that users which to your site by purchase link may never turn into your customers. Moreover, this kind of black-hat optimization is penalized by search engines and can hurt your rankings. You should earn links through endorsements instead of paying for them.

You need to take into consideration that a method of embedding keyword-rich anchor text in online press releases has any value in nowadays optimization realities. Nowadays Google treats anchor text links in press releases and other typical publications as unnatural or paid links. Google would like to stop unnatural link building from press release distribution. However, if other people especially thought leaders write about your products or services and put relevant links on it, then that’s considered a legitimately earned link to Google.

seo definition

  • Strong social presence

And the last point of each winning optimization campaign is social media marketing. Nowadays, more and more users come to websites through social media channels as they prefer to receive information in an attractive and visual form. To improve your brand recognition, you obviously need to have a strong social presence. It will help you to become closer to your potential customers and understand their needs.

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