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Is organic search optimization still relevant?

If you have worked with Google Analytics, you probably know that there four main traffic sources - organic (search), referral, social and paid. You may get traffic from social media channels and paid advertising, but your rankings won’t be high as the leading factor of website relevance, and SEO-friendliness is a high flow of organic traffic.

organic search optimization

Nowadays, we live in a changeable and diversify world where people find a lot of alternatives to organic search optimization. We use pay-per-click advertising, create identities across social platforms and promote our products and services through social media channels. Website owners no more live and die by their website's placement in Google, forgetting about the organic listing significance for their rankings. However, organic traffic still plays the most significant role for rankings improvement. According to the statistical data, organic search trumps other traffic generators, driving approximately 51% of all potential client to both B2B and B2C businesses.

Do you still need organic search optimization?

Conducting organic search optimization is the only option to attract quality search traffic. Organic is simply the best for delivering relevant traffic. The only channel which can bring you almost the same positive result is paid search ads. However, paid search only accounted for 10% of overall total traffic. Most SEO gurus advise to invest in both organic and paid search traffic to gain the bigger return on the investment. For instance, in technology and medicine industries, such a blended approach makes up more than two-thirds of the total revenue.

There is one modern tendency to attract traffic through social media channels. You can get as much as 40 to 60 percent of your traffic from Facebook and Instagram, but do not observe any website presence improvement. This situation can be explained by a little sign of this kind of traffic to search engines. Social traffic can be additional traffic source but do not the leading one. Moreover, when you are implementing social media channels to gain site traffic, you are at the mercy of that social platforms. It means that you will need to pay each time a social media platform decide to change its rules for business accounts. You can say that the same situation can happen with Google organic search optimization. I can say that it depends. Of course, your rankings can also drop due to an algorithm change. However, in a case of organic search optimization, it is not likely to happen with you, and even if it does, you will get your positions back within a short period.

organic seo

Organic SEO tips

Make sure you have relevant and precise URLs. Optimize your URLs including one of the most traffic-gaining keywords in their structure.

You need to have a healthy balance of keywords throughout your website content. Do not use too many keywords on one page. The average amount is three search terms per one page. Make sure you include relevant keywords in titles, capital sentences and near the top of the paragraph.

Use call to action techniques to attract more users from search.  Make sure your website ask your visitors to perform some actions. For instance, “Buy now,” “Order in one click” or “Get a free quote today.” CTA is an organic way of promotion which takes your customers one click deeper into your site.

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