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Semalt Shares The Most Amazing Wordpress Plugins To Scrape Content

What is a scraped content? A scraper site is a website that copies content from different web pages, and scraped content is the content (text, video or images) that is collected from the internet and extracted according to your requirements. The scraped content is then mirrored with the goal of creating revenues, usually through advertising and by selling the user data.

The scraper websites come in different forms and range from price aggregation to shopping sites. Google, Bing, and Yahoo use different scrapers, bots and spiders to collect content from the internet, save it in their own databases, and index and present the scraped content to their own users. Here we have discussed the best Wordpress plugins to obtain scraped content comfortably.

1. WP Web Scraper:

WP Web Scraper is compatible with all WordPress sites and blogs and is primarily used to extract data from the internet. This plugin is also used to display the real-time data from any site, and you can use the scraped content on your own pages, posts or sidebar. WB Web Scraper first identifies the useful content, collects it and scrapes according to your requirements. You can use this plugin to include the real-time stock quotes, soccer and cricket scores and generic content from the public domains. It supports different ways to query content such as XPath, Regex and CSS Selector.

2. Save-to-Site:

We know that WordPress is the best and most famous content management system, which is used by thousands of users worldwide. If you are looking for scraped content, Save-to-Site is the right WordPress plugin for you. There are hundreds of plugins, but this one is available free of cost and helps you organize your web content in a better way. It provides a shortcode that is used to scrape information from any web page. You can automate the web scraping process and can extract information from as many pages as you want.

3. WP Scraper Pro:

WP Scraper Pro allows you to scrape 1000s off web pages simultaneously and saves your time and energy. It is one of the best and most amazing WordPress plugins and helps get scraped content through its user-friendly, visual interface. It comes with a URL crawler and enables you to index your web content properly and at a fast speed. You may select the articles from a large number of sites and may scrape them at once or one-by-one, according to your requirements. WP Scraper Pro automates the tags, titles, images, and categories from each website based on a pre-selected function. Some of its best options are remove links, add source link and HTML elements.

4. WP Scraper:

Last but not the least, WP Scraper is one of the best and most powerful WordPress plugins to get scraped content. It is easy-to-use and helps you create amazing and appealing posts and pages in no time. The latest version of this plugin comes with a visual interface and helps select web content at a fast speed. Plus, you don't need to have the technical knowledge or don't have to learn programming languages to use this plugin. The images are saved in its own database or to your pre-defined media library. You just have to enter the URL and start grabbing the web content.

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