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How to improve your rank on Amazon world’s largest product search engine?

The common question we hear from our clients is “How to improve listing rank on Amazon to win more sales?” From our personal experience, we can claim that two main aspects you need to improve to raise your rank on Amazon are findability and buyability. There are numerous optimization aspects you need to take into account to improve your selling rank. 

In this article, I am going to provide you with the tips on how to increase the findability and buyability of your products to raise the rank of your listing on Amazon search results page. 

First of all, put yourself in your customers' place and think over the things that make you as a customer to purchase one product over another. What are these aspects? Maybe it is pricing policy or the popularity if the brand, or perhaps you pay attention to the number of positive reviews and sales rank. All these information that you use to make your buying decision can be found in two places - Amazon and Google. More than 87% of US and European customers begin their product research on these platforms, and the number of users who prefer Amazon for these purposes is even more. So, as far as you have understood, all interactions with your products begin with the research. It has an outsized role in influencing the final purchase decision. That is why all Amazon sellers, especially the new ones, should focus their efforts on findability and buyability of their products. It is the essential factor for future e-commerce business success. 

Product findability improvement

Generally speaking, product findability is a metric that shows how often your products rank high on Amazon search results page for a particular query. The more user queries your products can meet, the higher you will rank on Amazon SERP and the more sales you will generate. Product findability or search volume is n Amazon metric that directly relates to the content of each product listing. Being found on Amazon is particularly significant as most shoppers who come to this system have a buying intend and do not want to waste time searching a lot for the available products. They rely on Amazon ranking system and select one of the proposals on the first search results page. According to the industry figures, only 4 percent of consumers who start by searching on Amazon will end up buying somewhere else. So you have all chances to win the most sales, making your products easy to find. 

So, let us discuss some proven tips how you can raise your products visibility on Amazon marketplace:

  • Put the primary accent on the basics

Your potential customer should obviously find the necessary information about your stuff. Otherwise, it may be that the search of filter feature algorithms is not finding the correct information in the first place. It is reasonable to refresh your product description on a regular basis with an update schedule to ensure it is accurate. You need to make sure that the features of your product are correctly categorized, especially for the price, warranty, Prime features, and other significant characteristics. You should keep these aspects updated and comprehensive to improve your listing visibility and dominate your product category. 

Product buyability improvement

Amazon product buyability is a synonym for listing conversion. The high buyability means that your products are selling according to the best marketing practices, and in a way that is efficiently driving conversions. You need to do your best to make shoppers not only click on your product description page but stay there for the purpose to purchase something. The more time your potential customers spend on a page, looking through the descriptive sections, and reading reviews, the more likely they are to convert. As soon as you start attracting more targeted traffic, it will turn into paying customers, who can leave the positive reviews. All in all, it will create a positive brand image and cause more sales.  

Let us discuss some optimization tips that will help you to improve your product buyability:

  • Make your bullets descriptive, featuring the strong points of your item

Your bullets list should not look like a dry copy with product features. Users won’t spend their time reading something boring and irrelevant. Your copy is a critical means of outlining the strong points of your stuff and driving conversion. Be creative when crafting your listing and keep your customer needs in mind. While this can mean a common sense for you, you would be amazed how often sellers ignore this aspect, despite its apparent impact on Amazon rank. 

  • Keep your customers engaged in generating more reviews

Amazon ranking algorithm takes into account the number and positive value of the reviews for each specific product. Sometimes it may serve as a critical metric for how a product places within a broader category. It is a way how small or relatively new businesses can outsmart their more long-lasting and well-known niche competitors. 

As all incentivized reviews are forbidden, you should look for the opportunities to make customers leave reviews on a voluntary basis. For instance, you can use product package inserts to invite customers to write reviews. Moreover, you can communicate with a customer after purchase, asking him to leave a review with the desires and suggestions. Positive reviews will give you an edge over your competitors. 

  • Amazon sales are also optimizable

Sales are used by Amazon as a performance indicator. The more sales you generate, the higher you rank on the SERP. The well-purchased products are popular among shoppers and can bring more benefit to Amazon. That is why such products usually place at the TOP to bring even more profit for both sellers and Amazon system. However, there is raising a question “How can a seller get started with a new product?” Fortunately, there are some productive way outs. The new sellers should focus more heavily on promotional giveaways, discounts, and sales. 

Moreover, it is reasonable to run Amazon PPC ads to make your products more visible and boost sales. Amazon listing optimization is usually not enough for new products promotion. So, make an accent on marketing strategies at the initial stage of your business development on Amazon.

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