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What is the most efficient way to purchase backlinks safely?

Backlinks are probably the most important things in the Search Engine Optimization. And the idea to earn or purchase backlinks became as crucial as it has ever been. So, those who need to set a more stable flow of web traffic need to focus on backlinks. And here comes the most crucial question - what’s the most efficient yet safe way to purchase backlinks in 2017? Let’s figure out how we can purchase backlinks, without hurting the entire website with Google’s ranking penalties.

If you are still wondering how they work, here is my view of the quality backlinks. The major search engines (like Google itself) are using backlinks (links connecting your web pages with some other third party online resource) to determine the website’s authority. I that any backlink in its broadest sense stands for the primary metric considered by the concept of SEO to evaluate a web page ranking on Google’s SERPs.

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Here are the major benefits of having many quality backlinks:

  • as already mentioned, they naturally improve the website’s search ranking;
  • quality backlinks are useful for indexing - any new updates (like fresh blog posts, comments, or recently embedded videos) drive better crawling of your website, particularly upon finding the new ones;
  • much of referral traffic is usually coming particularly from backlinks. Keep in mind that getting traffic directly from the search engines is great. But what about the rest of top-popular websites? Consider having some backlinks well-placed on some high-authority pages to drive more targeted traffic to your website;
  • quality backlinks are building your business brand name authority. Everything is quite simple here - your visitors are going to show more interest in the products or services you are offering when they find themselves landed on your web pages through the other authority websites;
  • after all, backlinks are great for creating your new relationships and building a broader audience of standing readers or followers.

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So, here we are finally coming back to the point. How to purchase backlinks, which would be performing well, and entirely safe for your website at the same time? I believe you’d better know how not to purchase backlinks, and everything will probably be all right. Below is a short not-to-do list for you:

  • Shady people offering you to purchase backlinks in packages. I think this reckless and dangerous doing can become the most straightforward way to earn Google’s ranking penalties. Just forget about any online sources selling paid backlinks in bulk once and for all;
  • Never ever purchase backlinks either on user-generated (such as blog comments, bookmarks, forum posts, some links from media social communities), or site-wide basis (those links stemming from the footer, sidebar or any other navigation sections of the website);
  • Avoid any link-selling services, as well as the websites openly stating that you can purchase backlinks with them. Stay away from such centralized networks, because I’m sure the search engines will penalize them all, sooner or later;
  • After all, you should never consider getting backlinks from dropped domains (previously expired and currently owned by another person), as well as the websites that aren’t indexed in the search engines (I mean here those so-called link farms, even if they are looking pretty fair at first glance).
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