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How to promote my website on Google?

The most viable way of achieving significant traffic to your site is to promote website on Google. They have become the most dominant on the Internet presently. To attain the best outcome, most of your time should be dedicated to website promotion on Google. You can personally perform website optimization if you understand how to promote your website on Google.  Search engines work by showing any significant results related to words input. However, you need to know how does it work. Google explores every link and downloads all the content it can comprehend.

Proven ways to promote your website on Google

You may implement the following techniques to promote your website on Google:

  • Observe the website standards

Ensure that your site follows the standards of the World Wide Web Consortium which is a universal reference point, to allow ease of access by major browsers.

  • Present your website in a format that Google can recognize.

Though Google is wise, it cannot accept any texts which are fixed in graphical form. It indicates that sites that are based on flash cannot be easily indexed precisely and searched. If you would like to secure the best opportunity in the index, all graphically embedded information should be transformed into a text. In cases where graphics mandatory, texts alternatives can be provided to ensure accessibility.

promote website on google

  • Distinguish your role

AdWord program can help in identifying necessary keywords to offer in adverts and also defining your niche. Additionally, Google can rank your website higher if you receive several professional recommendations, and or other sites providing your link as reference.

  • Ensure  that Google is aware of your presence

In cases where no links are leading to your site, Google Webmaster tools can help you register your site, or submit your link, and upload a supporting site map. Google will immediately add you to the index if it recognizes your information. As soon as Google knows you are there, and you earn a place, you will realize you need to get higher in ranking according to relevance.

  • Be directed and appropriate

For instance, if you are willing to attract viewers searching for ‘medicinal plants,' ensure that these words are part of your keywords, URL link, the content of your page, title and meta description.

  • Being persevering

For Google to acknowledge your presence, it takes lots of your effort and time. Therefore patience is the only ticket since there are very many websites that Google require to filter their updates.

how to promote website on google

  • Avoid cheating

Being honest is the only way to maintain and raise your rank. Google will penalize you for cheating since it understands all the tricks. Trying to manipulate and exploit Google cannot work; there is no other way to rank higher.

  • Build good quality, relevant links to other websites

It can be done through exchanging links with other well-praised sites, commenting on blogs and forums, and also submitting articles. Establishing your reputation this way can help in promoting your website.

  • Use programs that automatically create links

Most of these automatically generated links are low quality and sometimes irrelevant and may result in your website being penalized by Google.

  • Keep your website posted repeatedly

Google is always aware of how often you update your site and mostly offers priority to those sites that are recurrently updated.

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