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Should I use a single agency for PPC and digital marketing?

Not long ago, most of professional marketers used to identify Search Engine Optimization (SEO), PPC, Digital Marketing, and Social Media Marketing for definitely inconsistent spheres of online promotion. Yes, this diverse approach made sense, that’s why even the leading agencies used to focus on these aspects separately, particularly on PPC and Digital Marketing for the offbeat ones.

ppc digital marketing

In the course of time, however, the outermost edges between SEO, PPC and Digital Marketing itself have been softened. That’s why keeping these aspects together within the integrated strategy, and conveying them all to a single agency has now become even more reasonable than ever before, rather than spilling the efforts of independent experts over each particular aspect. Just take it for granted - that simply won’t work now. And this could be proven at ease. In fact, any search result page you can see in Google is made up with different listings, both organic and paid ones. Yes, more often it looks like a mixture. Moreover, Google itself has recently announced that both pins and paid ads will be covered by local SERPs, as well as Google Maps search results. That’s why I believe it’s nothing but a progressive trend for even deeper integration of PPC to digital marketing in the full scale.

Pay-per-Click, Social Media Marketing, and Search Engine Optimization

Let’s face it - digital marketing isn’t a combination of different aspects anymore. There’s no need to convey your online promotion to any unrelated experts. The thick is that all these components should be acting in conjunction to give a would-be cumulative effect of joint performance. Simply have a look on Google, the name of the world’s leader in digital advertising. Now, considering, for example, Google Adwords you might think of PPC. And it wasn’t a coincidence, because it’s just illustrating, that SEO itself and pay-per-click advertising can be reasonably placed under a single “umbrella” of digital marketing. And what about social media, with Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook becoming now even more popular? Their influence seems even stronger with PPC, having developed to the integral part of paid search. Or should we call it something like paid social? Yes, the waters of digital marketing can now seem totally muddied, not to mention the content as the indispensable component of the whole realm of online promotion.

ppc marketing

PPC, Digital Marketing and SEO brought together

I believe that all the facets of any marketing strategy, and even the most comprehensive online projects, can be well-controlled by the individual team of digital experts. Starting from the most diverse roles like website design, to the myriads of different technical SEO aspects - they all should be working in a tight cooperation to actualize the full potential of the website’s online promotion. Hiring a full-stack digital agency means there would be no competition or possible misunderstanding for every, even the puniest detail. After all, a solid group of professionals will always have a clear vision, for example, when PPC should take the lead. Should it happen so, those dealing with PPC will pay more efforts to the subject, while still remaining in touch with SEO team, always ready to give the needed technical support. That would be what “decent work” is about.

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