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Is there any ultimate approach to skyrocket my PageRank with backlinks?

There are several currently valid strategies that can be used to elevate probably every website’s or blog’s PageRank with backlinks. And before we start, let’s face it - you can’t literally “skyrocket” your existing PageRank with backlinks, no matter how tricky or well-tuned they can be. Of course, your backlink profile stands among the main factors of top importance when it comes to a measurable influence that finally determines your website’s page ranking. Among the other factors considered by the major search engines like Google, are the following ones: permalinks themselves, main target keywords, unique quality content, and the rest of website properties which are less decisive in SEO. Coming back to the point - it’s merely impossible to instantly improve your PageRank with backlinks. But the task is still achievable, given that you are willing and ready to work with patience on your overall long-term strategy. Below are probably most reasonable approaches to link building that can potentially contribute to your higher page ranking in Google.

 And let me give you the last word of caution - never try to boost PageRank with backlinks automation. So, here is what should be considered first and foremost: 

Focus more on Quality, rather than Quantity

The core concept making the lion's share of SEO strategies is betting on quality solely. Put simply, the global aim of SEO is to achieve a stable and long-lasting result for online promotion on the SERPs. Unfortunately, too many bloggers and novice webmasters are facing a standard problem with building links. I mean very often they give priority to quantity, in a desperate hope that dropping a huge pack of backlinks out there will make their overall rankings grow. But they are terribly wrong because having low-quality or irrelevant links is not only useless for SEO purposes. In fact, there are high chances to earn yourself a severe ranking penalty, instead of progress. In worst case scenario, everything might as well end up with a permanent ban on search. 

Link within Your Niche or Business Industry

Never make this terrible mistake, as I had passed many years ago. In fact, I used to go the wrong way of getting backlinks to my blog - just linking to every seemingly reliable website I found worth dealing with. Doing so, most of my newly created backlinks failed to be purely relevant - far not all of them were created within the right niche. As a result, I had wasted a huge load of time and effort - just to get frustrated having no actual gains in PageRank from backlinks. That’s why before getting involved in comments and subject discussions, I strongly recommend having a double check that the target sources are fully devoted to your niche or stay within the same business industry. 

Handle Keyword Research to Keep Anchors Efficient

Well, no need to say that content is the king. All about SEO is literally rolling around the right pick of keywords and a proper semantic analysis. So does every backlink in your website's profile, or it’s anchor text to be more precise. Unfortunately, the same approach to handling in-depth keyword research is too often neglected. That’s why consider writing your link anchors as carefully as possible - at least using AdWords or the other more sophisticated keyword research tools. That way, you will assure against wrong linking due to lack of its popularity in the search. Just make sure you’re up-to-date and follow all major search trends and semantic peculiarities. Remember, two seemingly similar anchor texts can supply a link with absolutely unequal traffic-generating potential, and hence permanently affect PageRank in their own ways.

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