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Can anybody teach me how to add backlinks as simply as possible?

In fact, it’s the process of creating another link to your website or blog isn’t as difficult as you may think. Putting it in plain English, link building in SEO stands for a mutually beneficial deal. In simple terms, it means getting backlinks placed on your own pages and giving them in return. In fact, applying for a quality link building strategy is probably the ultimately best way to boosting your general strategy in SEO at scale. But before showing you how to add backlinks - simply and at ease - let me give you a word of caution. Keep in mind, that the following link building tips are 100% valid at the moment. But there’s no guarantee that what makes us fine today would remain all the same for tomorrow. So, below are only practical steps valid for the moment. I hope that will help you understand how to add backlinks to your website or blog - without any substantial cash expenses, just paying your time and effort.

Blog Posting Schedule

There is nothing extraordinary about earning some valuable backlinks creating scheduled blog posts. All you need here is to write a lot and do it frequently. Make sure the major search engines will successfully notice your presence - don’t forget to deliver recurrent updates with your blog content. I personally recommend betting on quality, rather than quantity. I mean that writing two or three killing articles is exactly what should be done to add some extra backlinks serving your progress. And remember - there is a pretty good opportunity to use your main target keywords for each blog post. And, of course, try not to overdo with the keywords, unless you want your writings to look like spam. Doing so, consider investing some time in link building via guest blogging, writing product reviews, and smart comments, at least on the third-party sources of top-relevancy to your business industry or subject discussion.

Anchor Text and Keyword Research

No need to say that running a proper keyword research is probably the first place to start improving your SEO at scale. As for link building in particular, you should know how to add backlinks with the right anchor text. To get everything in place, don't hesitate to use Google AdWords or any other tool to run a complete keyword analysis once again - this time strictly for link building purposes. Seriously, when it comes to shaping a perfectly fitting anchor text, the semantics does make sense. For example, rather common terms like “social media marketing cost” can have a seemingly similar semantics. Nevertheless, the door is always open for increasing your traffic - just changing one single word, or taking the ideally fitting one.

Solid Website Architecture and Interlinking

Always drop some internal links pointing the way through different sections of your website or blog. You are recommended to add links to the most visited pages, and set a reasonable connection with your homepage or landing pages. Of course, this type of links has nothing to do with Google’s search rankings, at least directly. Nevertheless, it’s still a very good opportunity not only to build some extra links but contribute to a robust website architecture. Anyway, evolving your website or blog into a fairly accessible and user-friendly place would be a well-formed decision. After all, you can benefit from a higher ranking position to be awarded in a longer run - just because your website architecture is handy and says welcome to every user landed out there.

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