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Some other way to advertise your site

As an owner of a small business, have you ever thought that you are just wasting money on marketing?

Despite the fact that email, television, radio, and printed ads are still important in their own particular areas, but most commonly they are just standing for a huge waste of resources. I mean with time passing, consumer attention is inevitably tamping down, in part due to progressively growing amounts of advertising information.

online advertising sites

Meanwhile, particularly sphere of online advertising sites is under rapid expansion. This fact was already reconfirmed by Zenith Optimedia in 2012. His study suggests global advertising expenditures grew annually by 36 percent from $25.27 billion to reach $34.4 billion.

If you have not started to advertise your site yet, or are still considering new avenues to try, here is a short review. Below you can see what platforms are recommended for digital marketing to advertise your site.

Google Adwords

Google is controlling a huge share of global search market and designed Adwords, one of the most popular sites to advertise your business, and the largest framework for Pay per Click advertising at the same time. Google Adwords can also give you many other opportunities and features, such as display network.

Bing Ads

Like Google Adwords, Bing search engine simply checks that the advertisement itself, as well as relative keywords are first to pop out in search results. This framework is cheaper and slightly more effective, as it allows the marketers to handle their own individual campaigns.

advertise your site

7 Search

7 search is not a well-established source, particularly from the view of paid search industry. The platform focuses on smaller customized search engines to portray your current situation on Pay per Click ads. 7 search argues to better ROI against the other competitors. Also, the platform offers definitely less expensive services on keyword bidding, if weighed against Bing Ads and Google Adwords.

Facebook Advertising

A small business can have great benefits from advertising on Facebook, since their ad platform has been improved significantly, both in terms of user-friendly experience, and the very effectiveness of the service. Unlike the other frameworks to advertise your site, Facebook makes it possible to upload a video or image together with your content. Even if the user fails to click directly on your ad, your content will be still exposed to a great audience without extra charges.

sites to advertise your business

Stumbleupon Ads

Through still unpopular to many people, this platform is used by those eager to discover new sites that are consistent with their sphere of interest. It is pretty easy to create a profile, choose your topic, and start discovering new web pages across the Internet.

LinkedIn Ads

This platform is extremely useful for those operating in any industry dealing with professional services.

Pinterest Ads

This framework drives more traffic, hence generating greater customer flow for many organizations, particularly if compared with other means of social media.

You can purchase promoted pins for various advertising purposes like:

• Traffic creation

• Building stronger awareness

• Engaging more still undeveloped clients


Since Facebook purchased Instagram, it has been put under inquiry towards ensuring that the framework generates sufficient revenue. Thus, Facebook has been running various pilot surveys on ad formats, so that it is expected to proceed with marketing in the foreseeable future.

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