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Latest SEO Updates You Should Know About

Every website which looking for better online visibility is trying to apply for Search Engine Optimization (SEO). There is a great need to include relevant content, in line with making more useful information for the audience of undeveloped customers. SEO has been working pretty fine with most of its entities in place. However, in January 2017 with Penguin algorithm coming within the latest Google SEO update, the world of website promotion was changed forever. Some of the oldest black hat methods, such as keyword stuffing and spamming now have a zero chance to work. Furthermore, a website can receive a penalty on the SERPs for relying on any illegal techniques. The latest SEO updates can make a site receive a tough penalty, up to complete de-indexation.

seo updates

For the following points Google search ranking approach was altered most:

 Mobile friendly design. Cell phones are now rapidly replacing conventional desktops. Nowadays, most of the browsing comes namely through mobile devices. So, you should optimize your website to have a mobile page, preferably using another URL. The latest SEO updates made web pages respond faster on the SERPs, in line with keeping those clients who hate waiting for even few spare seconds of loading. This change increases the average period of user visit, which in-turn drives the website ranking even higher on the SERPs. Furthermore, now Google can penalize those platforms refusing to support a mobile friendly version. Hence, you can get a fairly good competitive advantage by just following this current trend for mobile devices.

 Original content. When doing SEO for a website, it is essential to consider content relevance, as well as its uniqueness. Google ranks the websites with more informative data related to the topic. Among the other methods of content relevance assessment, stands a bounce back rate. That’s why the key goal of your content is now delivering more user satisfaction. So, if you can’t handle it yourself, consider outsourcing the task to a qualified freelancer and enjoy the best performance.

Backlinking. Backlinks retained their original influence, even in terms of the latest Google update. And you can still make your website rank faster through elevating your domain authority within the target niche. When you are supported with the right backlinks, you can also benefit from even greater traffic, thanks to guest posting. I mean that engaging more potential customers from the third party sources can become as reasonable, as original backlinking process itself. And don’t forget, that following the latest Google SEO update means now using quality backlinks solely.

google seo update


No doubts, SEO is an important sphere of every online marketing campaign. Nowadays, the websites should be more flexible, gradually refusing from the outdated SEO techniques. At the same time, online business owners should be completely aware of the latest trends and updates driving the logic of search engines, when it comes to SERP ranking and online visibility itself.

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