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How to become a really successful merchant on Amazon?

Every successful online merchant selling on Amazon should always take only well-informed decisions. And when it comes to the product listing optimization, running it without all the necessary keyword data accompanied with a valuable competitive insight – will never get your drop-shipping business to the point of any positive course of ongoing income acquisition. So, let’s face it – if you want to see yourself as a big-time merchant on Amazon benefitting from a continuously increasing flow of shopping visitors, it’s high time you picked the right keyword research tool and finally get your product listing well-optimized. 

That way, you will have definitely stronger chances of staying on the top of the product search. Ultimately, to pump more web traffic to your Amazon product listing, which potentially results in a higher rate of conversion, in-turn giving a spur to your overall ranking promotion on that sharply competitive marketplace. 

Now What?

And below I will show you probably one of the best keyword tools available in open access so far. Every merchant selling on Amazon should know about that, I’m sure. Note, however, that I’m not about promoting or God forbid pushing any particular kind of online software or Amazon seller tools for commercial purposes. Just acting like a good samaritan willing and ready to share some of my former optimization experience with you guys. Please love and favor, my featured one-stop-shop solution for Amazon trade – SECockpit. Let’s finally see what it is.


It's the first keyword research tool I want to represent you for today. In fact, SECockpit isn't just a single keyword finder. To be more precise, it's a full-fat online service designed not only for Amazon, but for optimizing probably any ecommerce product listing on the Internet so that will be seen among the top relevant search results. I mean that this really broad online framework pulls together literally everything you may possibly need as a smart merchant selling on Amazon. 

Here are some of the strongest benefits I enjoyed for my own product listing:

  • quickly shape a massive list of potentially winning keywords;
  • understand the main trends of long-tail shopper search and get assisted with valuable suggestions;
  • uncover more and better optimization opportunities – with a competitive insight on the keywords pulled directly from the leading sellers in your product category or market niche on Amazon;
  • track the current keyword rankings – both your own listing's performance, and the best progress of your closest opponents that already rank well for any specific keyword or a precisely targeted long-tail combination;
  • benefit from a really superior and unrestricted analytical data, at least through a 30-day trial period available in open access. Unfortunately, to get more advanced features on a standing basis, you will need to pass their subscription procedure, and of course, pay some cash monthly.

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