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How to obtain a list of .edu sites for backlinks?

Getting links from high authority websites is the same thing as getting them from .edu sites as search engines attract these sites as reputable, valuable for users and high authoritative. In most cases, it is tough to make up a list of .edu sites for backlinks if you are small or recently established domain. Moreover, if you are developing your online business, not in education or government industry, it will be problematic to provide .edy sites readers with content that can be interesting for them. 

When you are building links, you need to pay your attention to Domain Authority and Domain Rating. These two website quality evaluation metrics are similar and serve to determine how vital one link would be from a specific site. By placing your links on high authority .edu, websites give you numerous benefits. First of all, you can easily rank your content through .edu websites, and most likely it will get the higher rank within a relatively short period. Moreover, you will obtain valuable link juice through these external links. 

This article is devoted to the link building techniques that serve to create a list of .edu sites for backlinks. I will teach you how to move up the ranks and get your own domain authority higher. 

Obtain backlinks from high PR .edu websites

If you would like to get more relevant inbound links, you need to improve your own website firstly (correct code errors, establish good interlinking system, optimize metadata and create valuable content). 

The most valuable and desirable for link building opportunities web sources include Wikipedia, .gov and .edu domains. These sites carry a different kind of weight with Google. These web sources carry a lot of value for users and any backlink which is placed on their pages can also be trusted. 

Let us discuss more detailed the ways of obtaining . edu and .gov backlink: 

  • Blog commenting

As a rule .edu and .gov websites have blogs where the post varied research-based and educational content. You can ignore this link building opportunity. That is why if you can follow your link building strategy and start with the end in mind, some of the content you intend to build upon may already have .gov or .edu sites pointing at it. Implementing this link building technique, you will be able to obtain contextual inbound links within your content. 

  • Provide scholarships in your niche

It is reasonable to provide scholarships for various educational institutions, especially for those that are, at least somehow, relate to your industry. For instance, if you retail medical equipment, you can cooperate with medical universities providing their students with discounts, giveaways or scholarships. It will help you to give back to your niche and obtain relevant link juice from high PR .edu web sources. Moreover, you can have students submit work to you, that you can in turn use as content. And if you find a good writer, you can hire him as a content writer for your company on a regular basis.

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