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Can I manage my landing page SEO with best practices of optimization?

Handling a sound landing page SEO with best practices of optimization is the key to a successful advertising campaign. Why is it so important? Just because your landing page is a door carpet saying “welcome” to all your visitors just entering your website from the list of the search results. A great landing page SEO created with best practices can inspire your customer to fill in some details or proceed with the commitment to buy. Otherwise, having a poor landing usually means ineffective brand promotion that leads to shaving the full income-generating potential of your business. That’s why you need to understand how to create a perfect landing page with the right features and items to finally increase your conversions, in turn making a maximum use of your PPC campaigns for example.

landing page seo best practices

If you are still feeling fresh on the subject, here is a short list of reasoning why your landing page SEO needs only best practices of optimization:

  • the right landing page rich with the right top-relevant keywords gives you a reasonable ROI on you pay-per-click promotion efforts
  • landing pages are usually delivering a better conversion, rather than your entire website
  • embedded with efficient CTA buttons and fill-in forms landing page helps you gain more leads by receiving more personal user data
  • landing page often provides the quickest progress in increasing conversions, keeping your customer focused on a single page
  • the basic performance of landing pages can be a useful signal for you to evaluate your overall marketing results

So, we see that handling a proper landing page SEO with best practices of optimization is always a MUST. Ideally, you should have your landing page loading speed at maximum 5s. In fact, it has been practically tested that those landing pages with better loading speed and responsiveness are usually getting more traffic gains. Apparently, more users are considering a pleasant browsing experience and handy navigation among the primary issues when taking the final decision to buy a product or order a service. At the same time, a well-optimized landing page with a breakneck loading speed will be slightly awarded higher rankings in the SERPs. And even despite the fact that Google itself has recently reconfirmed it once again: landing page load speed isn’t taken among any direct ranking factors, at least for now. Nevertheless, practical tests are showing the actual correlation between the page loading speed and conversion generating potential.

landing page seo

That’s why it’s so important to pay a more than precise attention to your landing page SEO and best practices you are using to handle it properly. Along with the page loading speed, I recommend having a double check on its mobile responsiveness, as it has now become an integral part of good user experience provided by many websites by default. Given that your landing page is already mobile-friendly, never hesitate to make it even more customized. Just run some A/B tests to define the optimal performance of CTAs, their best placement to satisfy the users, and everything will be running in its best way.

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