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How Keyword Tools Get Keyword Search Volume Data?

Google search volume data is crucial for almost any type of business. As you can guess, there is no reason to sell products or services over the Internet if no one is searching for them there. That’s why having the correct keyword search statistics is highly advisable.It doesn’t matter whether you are setting up a Google AdWords campaign or doing search engine optimization for a site, having a keyword traffic estimator is vital for picking the right keywords and key phrases.

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There are many tools on the market that provide accurate keyword search volume and competition estimates. They are very beneficial for website promotion. The question is where do these keyword statistics come from? Today, we will consider the most efficient keyword tools and explain how they work.

Keyword Search Volume and Paid Competition Data

For AdWords Competition, Search Data, and CPC data, most of the keyword search tools get statistics in one of the following ways:

  • From Google via the AdWords API;
  • From a third-party who can pull data from Google;
  • By using particular models with numerous data sources from third parties, mixed with Google’s statistics and other clickstream data.

Organic Competition Data or Keyword Difficulty

For organic competition scores or keyword difficulty, most tools provide an estimate of how difficult it might be to rank high organically for a particular keyword or keyphrase. Often, keyword search volume tools use a combination of the following techniques:

  • SERP analysis;
  • Each keyword and key phrase SERP density analysis;
  • Keyword competitor analysis;
  • Word frequency and difficulty;
  • Competitors backlink and domain authority analysis.

Which Keyword Search Volume Tool to Choose for the Most Accurate Data?

When it comes to organic competition or keyword difficulty, it’s hard to predict the outcome accurately as there are too many factors involved. Even for Google it may be difficult if not impossible to predict accurately beyond basic approaches.

As for search volume, accuracy is a must here. If you are targeting Google in a specific market, having a solution that allows you to do that is essential. On the other hand, if you are looking for data that includes Google sites, then using an accurate tool which includes the search volume of such a site will be substantial too.  

For AdWords competition, having accurate data is also highly recommended since you will need to plan and budget your search engine marketing campaigns accurately. Twinword Ideas is a free keyword tool that gets its AdWords competition and CPC data directly from Google.

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Keep in mind, all of these statistics are estimates that are supposed to guide you on your keyword selection. Eventually, the proof will be in the test results. Every solution is different and offers distinct features. Depending on your ultimate goal, pick a tool that fits your needs best and remember that only you can determine whether something is right for you or not.

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