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How to Select the Best SEO Company for Lawyers?

According to the research made by Lawyernomics, 21% of prospective clients go online when searching for an attorney. Therefore, if you strive to capture that traffic, optimizing your online presence is crucial. In this article, you will find the most practical recommendations on choosing the best SEO company for your lawyer website.

best seo company for lawyers

Four Primary Tips for Selecting the Best SEO Company for Lawyers

Targeting Local Keywords

In 2017, legal digital marketing is highly competitive. Hence, if you are just starting out, it’s vital to establish your firm as a brand and market to your current location. You must understand that you’re not going to come and start ranking for ‘California personal injury attorney’ instantly. Start thinking in terms of years if you want to rank for such a competitive keyphrase.

Setting your sights on local traffic would be beneficial anyway. Your best shot at early success is to capture the traffic in your region. As soon as your site starts to rank high for searches in and all around your physical location, start targeting more competitive regions. In case you are hiring a professional SEO company, make sure it follows a similar strategy when promoting your website.

Inclusion in Google Places API and Web Directories

Securing inclusion in Google Places and local directories is advisable for almost all website owners who want to stand out. Establishing a local listing in Google Places allows your organization to appear on the search engine results page. Getting into Google maps is going to be a primary source of traffic. Thus, local listings optimization, as well as inclusion in the Google places, should be your number one priority.

Focus on Your Practice Areas

Devoting content to practice areas is essential. If you want to succeed in the long run, you better try SEO siloing. In simple terms, siloing is the act of dividing a site's content into different categories and subcategories. As people are looking for attorneys, the more valuable information and insight your resource can offer, the better your chances of ranking for various terms are. Even though siloing differs for each law firm, in general, it’s based on practice areas.

 best seo company

Enhance the User Experience

Because your end goal is to convert site visitors into clients, make sure your site is easy to use. Make your resource impressive and informative to attract the customers’ attention. Your law firm’s site should be focused on capturing the users who are vetting you. Remember, if the quality of your site leaves much to be desired, you risk losing potential clients.  


The best SEO companies can do wonders for your practice. However, the focus should be on conveying trust and expertise — your resource should speak to visitors and compel them to get in touch with you. Most SEO experts agree that high-quality law firm websites should include case studies, lawyer bios, testimonials, and an informative blog for better user experience. Make sure the best SEO company for lawyers you’ve chosen adheres to the recommendations mentioned above.

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