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What are the opportunities to track backlinks?

Generally speaking, inbound links is any active URL on a site other than yours will bring a user back to your site if clicked. A backlink profile in it term is an assembling of all mentions from around the web that point to your domain. Quality and relevant to your market niche backlinks can improve your website rankings and bring targeted traffic to your pages. And vice verse links from poor quality spammy websites that are not following Google guidelines can devastate your search engine optimization efforts and cause a drop in rankings.

According to the recently established Google Penguin filter, all low-quality backlinks that come from spammy websites need to be devalued, and websites that were engaged in this fraudulent activities need to be penalized. Google devalues only those backlinks that come from spammy, low-quality sites, exact match anchor text, blog comment links, or link farms.

how to track backlinks

Places to find quality inbound links

The free options usually provide website owners with the following data - list of backlink URLs, anchor text of these backlinks and their authority score.

However, if you are ready to pay for link building analytical tools, then you will be provided with the following services  in addition to the above metrics: complex and detailed reporting, constant backlinks monitoring, enrichment of backlink profile, breakdowns of anchor text pointing to various pages on your site, notifications about potential bad external links, a multitude of additional authority metrics, and so on.

There are a lot of paid link building services that provide their clients with a free trial period (f.e. Semalt digital company). It gives you an opportunity to check the quality of their services and decide whether it worths your attention or not. You can select services that will satisfy your business needs and budget Most paid link building services can provide you with a lot of valuable metrics and simplify a process of gaining quality link juice to your domain.

Tools that will help you to track backlinks

Backlink Profile Checker

This tool provides both free and paid services. A free service does not take a while for the backlinks to pop up. It will check your first thousand backlinks. If you need broader investigation, you should look for another way to see all your backlinks. This service will provide you with a preliminary report that includes the URL of the page where a backlink to your site is placed, the anchor text of the link, other significant metrics (PageRank and OBL). “All External Backlinks” function will show you all sites that point to your domain or content. Moreover, you can check the places where your brand was mentioned.

track backlinks

Semalt Auto SEO

This tool also provides customers with trial programs. For instance, the first month of link building services will cost $0,99. During this trial month, you receive an opportunity to select relevant keywords for SEO promotion, launch link building campaign, and get manager support. If you would like to get more, you should pay $99 for the following months. For this money you will get a wide range of services that include:

  • Keywords list optimization and extension for faster organic traffic growth;
  • Link building campaign upgrade based on the achieved results and improved search terms list;
  • Implementation of recommendations from reports and fixing all existed errors on a website.
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