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What are the tools that can bring you more valuable backlinks?

If you create a website and want to push it to the TOP of search engines, you need not only produce high-quality content but also focus your attention and efforts on a savvy link building strategy. Whether you would like to get just organic backlinks to your site, steal your competitor's backlinks or get paid backlinks, you need to have a thoughtful action plan. The essential point of your plan should be a creation of quality content. The more content you publish, the more chances you will naturally receiving incoming links. However, in reality, it can’t give you a guarantee that you will create a good link building profile. Tims, when spammy, low-quality backlinks might contribute your SEO efforts and raise your site position on search result page, were gone. Since Google has been updated its ranking algorithm, spammy backlinks cause more harm than good for a website optimization campaign. Nowadays, only quality of incoming links is of high importance. Since backlinks remain a significant ranking factor, you need to implement efficient link building strategies to your site. An approach to link building campaign depends on the type of website you have and your business purposes. Regardless of where you stand, it is significant to spend time learning more about backlinks (backlink tools) that are designed to help you generate positive results for search engine rankings.


In this article, you will find some professional tools that can help you to create a winning link building campaign and improve your brand awareness.

Quality link building tools

  • Semalt Auto SEO

Semalt Auto SEO is a unique search engine optimization tool for website promotion. It is designed for those online merchants who would like continuously get new relevant backlinks without investing too much money in that off-site optimization sphere. This tool provides users with a complex of different optimization services that include keywords research, website analysis, website research, website error correction, link building, rankings update and customer support. Semalt Auto SEO helps to get organic link juice from authoritative and relevant to your market niche websites. Their base comprises more than 50,000 high-quality partner sites on various subjects, that is why this tool will satisfy all business needs. One more benefit of this services is that all backlinks are integrated into unique and relevant content which can also be crafted by Semalt professional copywriters. Link building is performed gradually according to the ratio: 40% - anchor links; 50% - non-anchor links; 10% - brand-name links.

  • Backlinker

BackLinker is a tool which automatically builds thousands of high-quality backlinks for your web page. This tool generates external links on well established reputable websites which are frequently parsed by search bots. There are two available options you can use to submit your site - accessible websites (2500+ high-quality backlinks) and premium websites (100 premium quality backlinks).

quality link building

  • Check My Links

This tool is used as Google Chrome extension. That is why it is easy to use “Check My Links” for your search engine optimization strategy. This tool helps to generate high-quality incoming links with the help of replacing broken links on other web sources. It allows to speed up a process by working as a backlink checker. With this extension, you can quickly scan any website regarding broken links.

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