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How to do SEO for new website for Google?

Today, I will reveal all the secrets of creating a Google-friendly website. Adhere to the SEO recommendations listed below to rank high in Google.

how to seo website for google

Three Advanced SEO Tips to Make Google Love Your Site

Provide Users with the Information They Are Looking For

Focus on generating engaging and compelling content. Pay special attention to your homepage. It works as follows: by filling your resource with informative and relevant content, you attract more prospects. This, in turn, increases your company’s Google rank. Try to generate content that will grab and hold user’s attention. Remember, your primary goal is to create such content that will turn visitors into customers.

The secret of creating information-rich content is simple: write articles and blog posts that clearly and accurately describe services or products you offer. Decide on key phrases users would type to find your site. Include those keywords in your texts throughout the entire website.

Consider Link Building

Links are an essential part of any successful SEO campaign. They help search engines find your resource and boost your website’s visibility in SERPs. Bear in mind: when returning results for a search, Google uses special text-matching techniques to display pages that are both relevant and important to user’s search.

You might already know that Google can distinguish natural links from unnatural ones. Remember, only natural links are useful for the indexing and ranking of your site. Ensure that other sites find your content valuable and think it would be helpful for their visitors. Try to make well-reputed sites want to share content you produce.

Website Accessibility Matters

You have to make your resource accessible. Ensure that visitors can access and use the services your site provides regardless of disability. Take time to build your site with a logical link structure. Use some text browser to examine the website.

Web Practices You Should Avoid

Now, let’s talk about things business owners should avoid when optimizing their new website.  

  • Don’t duplicate content: Every page on your site should be unique. Never copy content from external websites or other pages on your site. Such content can significantly hurt your SEO.
  • Avoid keyword stuffing: In 2017, keyword stuffing is considered a strictly black-hat technique. If you stuff your website with keywords, sooner or later Google will pick you up on it. As a result, there is a high probability that you get a keyword stuffing penalty.
  • Avoid spammy links: There are plenty of websites that allow webmasters to post links, some even add your domain without asking you. These sites with a low domain authority and high spam value should be disavowed. Avoid posting on these sites by all means.

seo website


Crafting the Google-friendly website is not that hard as it may seem at first glance. Nowadays, there are many tools on the web that can help you submit your content to Google and track how you're doing in Google Search.

Knowing how to make Google love your website is key to boosting your SEO. Follow the recommendations listed below and see what happens to your SERP rankings.

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