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How to remove semalt from analytics referral reports?

The question about search bots has been repeatedly raised on forums and in blogs. Up to now some website owners do their best to hide their pages from bots. The chances that such websites will get a top spot on Google search are slim as long as ranking rules are becoming stricter from year to year. It is possible to block page indexing in robots.txt file through assigning Disallow attribute for specific bots or all bots. Sufficiency of these measures can be judged by structure of the website. If it deals with additional pages containing user information, archives, and other irrelevant data, it is necessary to close them from indexing.

The question about bots of web analytic services is still open – should the technical bots collecting statistical data be blocked? Internet community actively discusses Semalt service. Users offer a few methods how to remove semalt from analytics. Let’s review a few of them.

  • If you have skills of web programming, do not hesitate to edit the .htaccess file and afterwards forget about bots forever.
  • If you use CMS to work with the website, look through the built-in filters. Usually, they can be adjusted to block access to the website from a specific domain or IP-address. For example, Semalt Google Analytics filter copes with this task easily.
  • CMS WordPress offers to utilize its own statistics counter. There is a special plug-in developed for this platform that blocks bot visits. It can be downloaded on the forum of WordPress community.
  • If none of the above methods appeals to you, we offer a simple alternative – Semalt Crawler removal tool. Using it, you can remove your website from databases of this service in a matter of minutes. Make sure to follow the instructions on Semalt webpage, and in half an hour you will forget about bots in your statistics. 
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