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What are the possible ways to optimize your video for the web?

Creating videos for your website can be a great way to attract users attention and make them loyal to your business. Over the last few years, video content has become a favorite background design feature, and will only continue to grow as a supportive marketing element in all modern browsers. However, despite the increasingly widespread recognition of videos positive influence on business, video optimization is not practiced the same as website optimization. The same way you optimize landing pages and create optimization campaigns around a content piece, you have to build your website video content optimization campaign.

how to optimize video for web

You should understand that it is not enough to create a lot of attractive and exciting video content and throw it up on YouTube. You need to give a push to your videos optimizing it according to search engine requirements. Only, in this case, your resources won’t be wasted. Your video content should be memorable, relevant to your business and creative to receive a good return on investment.

In this article, you will find some steps to make sure every video you create is fully optimized for maximum performance and will attract only targeted traffic to your site.

Ways to optimize video for web

  • Keep in mind your business goal while crafting a video

It is a wrong belief that a video can exist only for brand awareness improvement. Strategically crafted and purposeful videos that provide users with some particular business idea can guide potential customers through the sales funnel and help to convert them into paying and loyal customers. Everything you need is to establish a specific goal in your video concept.

To accomplish this task, you need to determine which emotion you want to evoke in the hearts and minds of your viewers. The emotions like excitement, fear and irritation may work to the best advantage. Moreover, your video should be specially designed for your targeted audience. You need to take into account such peculiarities as age, gender and preferences of people to which the video will appeal. The actions of viewers will be based on the content they consume.

seo video

  • Implement call to actions to your videos

To make users watch your videos until the end, you need not only provide them with engaging content but also use the call to actions. Moreover, the most valuable information should be delivered to users in the last minutes to keep user’s attention. That is why every time you craft your promo videos, make sure you include the following the specific call to actions in them. These all to actions may include series of YouTube annotations pointing to different resources, a direct prompt from the host or a link at the end of the video to your primary domain.

Your call to actions should be direct and include all possible ways your potential customers might want to reach out to you. It is advisable to use at least two types of CTA - one for users who are ready to proceed and one leading to more of your engaging content.

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