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What are the best ways to optimize website design for SEO?

A website design is the most significant part of your online presence as it is the first thing your potential clients see when they follow your domain. A website design serves as a business card for your business. Imagine that you give your business partners and customers a dinged-up and ugly business card which does not carry any quality information. 

How will they perceive you? 

Most likely they would like to stop a partnership with you. The same situation may happen in the online sphere where your website visitors make a decision based on the visual aspect of your site and content you provide to them. If you would like to make your site design as the strongest lead generator, a question “How to optimize a site for SEO?” is probably warning you. 

Truth be told, this issue cannot be answered by anyone except your visitors, and they do it in various ways. To understand what your potential customers want, you need to have the right analytics tool. This tool should provide you with both quality and quantity data about your visitor's on-site experience. So, to improve your website design and make it user-friendly, it is essential to understand why users come to your site in the first place.

how to optimize a website for seo

In this article, you will find some useful design optimization tactics and the ways how to check your potential customer's reaction on your redesign.

Efficient techniques for your website design optimization

There is an almost endless amount of techniques you need to consider when you are developing your web source. However, we can distinguish three essential elements that should be part of every site:

  • Strong calls-to-action
  • Customer support
  • Concise messaging

All these SEO elements can significantly improve your website user-friendliness and help you to meet your business objectives. In this paragraph, you will find some essentials how to optimize your site design to attract more potential customers and double your revenue.

  • Website structure

You should obviously optimize your site structure to make it easy-to-navigate and attractive. While improving your design, always consider your site visitors. As users, the experience is an important Google ranking factor. Potential customers should be able to efficiently move through website pages to get the information they need. It will prevent your visitors from getting impatient and reduce website bounce rate. Moreover, a quality and user-friendly layout should be logically build to ensure the content is easily accessible by visitors.

Nowadays, grid layouts are popular among webmasters as they are maximally flexible. The particular grid systems include responsive scheme, 960 Grid system, Bootstrap 3 and other quality tools. These systems enable web designers to create a well-structured and easy-to-navigate site designs.

As Google appreciates mobile-responsive websites and takes it as the ranking factor, you need to have a website design which is responsive on all mobile devices. All significant website content should be perfectly arranged to fit the limitations of mobile screens. Moreover, you need to leave a space between buttons and functions in the lists to enable your visitors easily navigate your site from their smartphones. I advise you to avoid any strong design constructions and pop-ups in responsive design as they cannot be fully reflected on mobile phones.

  • Website design

To make your website design attractive and user-friendly, you need to implement correct fonts. Make sure your fonts are natural and suitable for any screen. Otherwise, your content may look very tiny and unreadable. For instance, the italics in long sentences complicated a process of reading as the letters blend into each other. Moreover, I advise avoiding the beg number of capital letters as it may seem rude for readers.

To point users' attention to significant elements on your site, implement white spaces. It allows the users to have a break from all the visual and screen your content efficiently. By implementing white spaces, you will improve your page visual aspect. Moreover, it is a good technique to make your content visible on different size screens.

Think of your layout color scheme. As colors may influence your potential customer's emotions and mood, you need to use dimmed colors and avoid too many bright elements. Bring your clients happy feelings by implementing pleasing to the eye color schemes. Moreover, do not use too many colors as it may distract a customer from making a purchase.

  • Website content

Search engine optimization is the most significant aspect of a business online presence improvement as it generates a targeted traffic to a website.    

SEO helps to determine which information needs to be displayed for particular audiences. To improve brand recognition and raise website conversion, you need to implement SEO. It entails the use of keywords, headings, subheadings, images, infographics, promo videos, internal and external links, meta description and content. The content is a king, and it is the best option how you can optimize your website for SEO.

To make your content visible to both search bots and your potential customers, make sure you include most relevant to your industry search terms in it. Users would like to find the required information at first glance, that is why you need to make the most relevant content on your page easy to find. Your web page should be easy to scan through. So, you need to avoid keyword stuffing and long texts. Make sure your content is well-structured and include bullet and number lists, small paragraphs, titles, and subtitles.

website seo

Moreover, it is essential to focus on the primary purpose of your site. You need to present the main direction of your site on the home page to let visitors know what your site is featured. You need to focus on a home page marketing to catch users' attention and engage them in following other pages to get deeper on the topic.  

It is advisable to keep the website simple and consistent. A simple website structure enables visitors to navigate through pages easily and subsequently improves their experience. In the contemporary world, users just do not want to waste time looking for the required information. They would like to get it fast and easy. That is why your content should be strategically placed to be visible to every user. You need to avoid any unnecessary information and reduce the number of texts to the minimum.

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