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Can I work on my website like a modern search engine optimisation provider?

Much like any other industry, the modern world of SEO has its trends and sentiments. Of course, every experienced search engine optimization provider knows them all, as the experts in the industry are spending every business day working on a single matter - how to get a better ranking, considering the dozens (if not hundreds) of different factors. Most of them are related to the impact delivered by continuously advancing the evolution of Google’s main search algorithm.

search engine optimisation provider

And I believe there are always some trends or traditional SEO schemes to make a good use of. And no matter who you are - a website owner feeling a lack of more professional skillset, or a novice webmaster willing and ready to get some practice exploited by every reputable search engine optimisation provider. Below I’m going to show you some working schemes currently found the most popular among the modern SEO community, both enthusiasts and the industry gurus bearing a lifetime portfolio. So, let’s start.


Featured snippets are already known by nearly every professional search engine optimisation provider as summary answers responding to a query, which is usually found on the top of the SERPs. Most commonly, you can see a snippet listed right on the result page to give every user a piece of actionable insight (usually like a step-by-step action plan). Considering that such items are useful and trendy, let’s try to understand their logic and make use of it. In fact, snippets are extracted by Google simply from a website content that gives a full yet still short answer to one of the most frequent requests currently popular among the users.

Considering that snippets are appearing in about 30% of search queries and act much like backlinks, that would be an excellent idea for your website content to be embedded with some list of bullet points with a question heading, which should respond to only relevant and trendy queries. All you need is to invest time to study what questions your target audience is more likely to ask, and then only try to write the best answer. Doing so, you will have fair chances to be occasionally addressing directly to your target customers.

Mobile-friendly pages

About two years ago, Google had introduced its first mobile priority to the main ranking algorithm. With time, the priority towards portable devices evolved into something genuine you should take care as well because now the search ranking is now in-part determined by quality user experience, particularly when browsing through smartphones and tablet. To make mobile pages load faster, Google has recently delivered a new AMP technology. That means the race for higher ranking will need your website to be already moving the way to have a duplicate mobile-responsive version. As for now, I recommend getting more familiar with this new trend. You can easily try one of the trendiest Website Editing tools available on open access.

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Voice search

The future is already approaching us, and we need to adapt. I mean that now voice search is still delivering rather a small amount of total search volume. But I’m sure we need to act like every proactive search engine optimisation provider, as the voice search is slowly becoming more and more popular, fueled by the leading IT giants investing a truly innumerable investing to finally complete developing Voice search and push a fully performing technology to the masses.

So, what can we do about that? As for now, there are no quick answers, so I recommend going for in-depth study and thinking over the core niche challenges that we could reasonably expect quite soon, perhaps.

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