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What are the perfect opportunities to get backlinks to your site?

As search engine algorithms change over time, it also causes changes in the ways of both on- and off-page optimization. Search engine optimization is going to be more complicated in future due to the rising competitiveness in a digital marketing sphere. Together with changes in search algorithms, behaviors of search users will tend to change too, making the digital platform even more competitive, especially when it comes to link generation. All webmasters understand the real value of backlinks to any web source and put their efforts in acquiring them. While obtaining high-quality, relevant external links to your site is a MUST for your business visibility improvement; the job is easier said than done. In this article, we will discuss some essential innovation techniques how to get quality backlinks from high PR sites and improve your rank on search result page.

how to get backlinks to your site

How to get backlinks to your site?

  • Check your brand mentions

It is one of the most valuable and easiest link building techniques which you can use when your brand has a high popularity within your niche or recently conducted a rebranding. This simple link building trick helps you to obtain a lot of quality, and what is more significant, relevant external links to your site. Everything you need is to identify unlinked mentions of your brand and ask the authors of these remarks to put a link to your site. You can simplify a process of search the mentions of your brand utilizing such professional tools as Semalt Website Analyzer, Google Search, Google Alerts, etc. To identify whenever your brand name was mentioned, you need to set up email or browser notification.

  • Provide your business partners with testimonials in exchange for link

Another useful way how you can improve your brand visibility and raise your rank on Google SERP is by giving out testimonials to other sites in exchange for their links to your site. This link building technique will help you to place lots of external links to renowned companies and put your brand name on their home pages or testimonial pages. Providing testimonials to websites which are set in your market niche will most likely cause links back to your site.

  • Get featured on link roundups

Link roundups are the most valuable content developed by bloggers and industry publishers who post their publications on a regular basis. Link roundup creators continuously search for great and helpful content to include on their list. It is quite problematic to generate link roundups within your market niche as you need continually keep looking for valuable content on the web. Moreover, there is a risk that visitors of link roundups may not come back. However, if you can provide them with engaging and relevant content, the chances they come back are rising. To contact with link curators works the same as other outreach campaigns. The first thing you will need to do is to find the contact information of link providers and send them a customized email with a proposal.

how to get backlinks

  • Build links to YouTube

YouTube is a perfect media platform for generating traffic to your site. Only some particular niches can leverage this link building method. These niches include technology, gaming, education, science, and entertainment. The biggest benefit of building links on this platform is that video bloggers want to get as much as a regular blogger wants traffic to his pages. You can establish mutually beneficial relationships with video bloggers to get traffic from YouTube. For instance, you can link their videos to your blog post, and in exchange, you would embed their video in the blog post.

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