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Was it easy to get high PR backlinks in 2016?

Have you ever wonder what value backlinks can bring to your website promotional campaign? By the word “value:,” I don’t mean link juice you get to your site through external links. I am talking about return on investment in the form of your online business high revenue. There are a lot of websites that sell links and, subsequently, if there is a high demand, there a lot of those who would like to pay for link juice. Let us discuss how these activities can affect our search engine optimization efforts. By first let’s take a closer look at the link buying and selling industry.

high pr backlinks 2016

Link buying and selling

As long as Google has accepted backlinks as a ranking factor, backlinks will be of high demand among website owners and webmasters.

The link buying boom happened in the mid-2000s, changing the whole industry forever. In that time the entire industry had grown around selling backlinks. Some web sources provided backlinks on a rental basis. Pricing for one Renault link started from $30 per month. These links served as sidebar links.

After a while, Google, as well as other significant search engines, started to penalize sites who had been publicly selling links through broker sites or forums. These sanctions caused a downgrade in website rankings or de-indexation.

However, even these severe Google penalties did not stop backlink selling industry development. Those why buying and selling backlinks found the new ways to make it harder for search engines to detect their activities.

According to Google guidelines, buying or selling backlinks that pass PageRank accepts as a severe rules violation. If you have been detected in purchasing links to improve site rankings, your site will most likely get penalties from Google. That is why, if you engaged in these activities, you need to realize the risks.

Buying backlinks

Buying and selling backlinks in 2016

  • Paid guest posts

To find websites that provide an ability to post a paid content on their pages, you just need to insert “buy guest post” query in Google search box. Some of these services will provide you with authentic link building service and charge accordingly. However, there are also a lot of middle-quality websites with affordable prices. There are some proposals of written top quality guest posts in return for a backlink. In this case, the parties agree to cooperate for free.

  • Purchasing links from bloggers

A lot of backlinks in 2016 was created by private link purchases from bloggers. These links stay undetectable by search engines and rarely cause any problems. A lot of bloggers know the real value of backlinks and require payment for each link they put. Moreover, it is worth to mention that some favorite bloggers agree to put an article with a link only for one or two days. The biggest percentage of blogs that sell backlinks are placed in the following market niches - fashion, real estate, traveling, finance, education, sport. The average cost of buying high PR backlinks in 2016 was $300 on the middle-quality web sources, and more than $3000 on the high-quality popular domains.

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