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Can you tell me how to acquire backlinks for my new website?

Before showing you how to acquire backlinks for your new website, let's start with a little takeaway. What's the real value of a quality backlink for SEO? I mean that as long as link popularity is used by Google search engine to rank websites and blogs, quality backlinks for SEO have become a well-traded commodity. But most recently the world's major search engine has forced all link sellers to go underground. Why? Simply because now buying links to improve the search rankings of your website or blog is no more recognized to be in compliance with the Main Webmaster Guidelines by Google. 

That way, let me show you some cold numbers I've got after reaching out to something about 250 blogs and online networks dealing with paid link building. So, before thinking about how to acquire backlinks, you are recommended to consider at least the following. Here is a brief list of my findings:

  • Quality backlinks with the highest PageRank from PR1-2 websites and blogs are commonly sold for $30 to around $120 per month. Doing so, you are most likely to get links from sidebar and footer. But the thing is that this kind of backlinks is now often recognized by Google as a definitely manipulative scheme of link building, therefore sometimes applying for a severe ranking penalty.
  • The most common business industries and competitive market niches which PBNs (private blog networks) are selling links for are as follows: Travelling, Fitness, Fashion, Finance, and Marketing. You are most likely to buy in-content anchor text backlinks of your choice out there. And there is no exact cost estimate, like pricing, there is always dependent on the metrics of link source.
  • Here is how I got prepared to buy backlinks for my website – just have a look at my overall totals received from all those 250 blogs and online networks requested. Nearly 50 of them agreed that they had quality backlinks for sale. 20 insisted that they had no paid backlinks and were not dealing with this kind of service at all. And the rest of them remained with no actual response.
  • At last, nearly a half of those 50 websites and blogs that confirmed they had SEO backlinks for sale agreed to have a real deal with me.

Well, as you can see – the issue itself on how to acquire backlinks is actually out of the question. I mean it's a no-brainer that you can easily buy backlinks for your new website, of course given that you're recognizing all potential risks of landing yourself a ranking penalty for that. So, if you still want to gamble, here is how to acquire backlinks the safest way possible. Consider the following schemes first and foremost:

  • Guest Blogging – getting guest posts or articles with some fellow bloggers are probably the safest way of buying links for the new website or blog.
  • Sponsored comments – much like guest blogging, settling some sponsored comments with the industry-related or niche specific website or blog owner (admin) can also give you a quality link in return.
  • Product Reviews – self-explanatory, as the only challenge for you to meet over there is identifying the right third-party resource purely relevant to your niche or subject discussion.

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