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How does the mechanism of Amazon search work?

Have you ever wonder how does Amazon determine the rank of each product? Amazon uses its special ranking algorithm which is called A9. Like Google, Amazon keeps in secret how their principal ranking algorithm works and only Amazon knows for sure what is integrated into their ranking system. 

According to the recent researches, Amazon has even topped Google by the number of users who are searching for products. As for me, it is an ultimate reason to keep a ranking algorithm in secret. It is probably part of the reason why the algorithm is continually being improved and updated by Amazon. 

As Amazon representatives state, one of the primary purposes of Amazon A9 algorithm is to provide users with the most relevant search results. That is why they constantly strive to get the best results and improve user’s search experience. A9 ranking algorithm automatically learns to combine multiple relevance features. Amazon catalog’s structured data provide many relevance features. So, Amazon can learn from past search patterns and adapt this data to what is significant to customers. In such a way, each customer on Amazon obtains different search result page based on his previous researchers, purchases, and preferences. All search results are scored and placed into an order of what is most relevant to the user. 

In this short post, we will discuss the primary internal and external factors that affect Amazon rank and other things that Amazon takes into account giving a certain page rank for each product. 

Amazon internal ranking factors

The fundamental internal factors Amazon takes into account ranking products include:

  • Human judgements

There are no specific guidelines given for how Amazon judgments are determined. However, we can state that Amazon takes into account such factors as the number and quality of user reviews and each product star ranking. Moreover, Amazon counts the number of clicks from a search and other behavioral factors that describe user’s search experience.

  • Programmatic analysis 

This internal ranking factor is apparently essential, but without the parameters and details of the analysis, we are left in the dark. 

  • Key business metrics

Meaning everything Amazon does is with one goal in mind. That is to boost profit and overall business revenue. But it still not clear what does Amazon use to track and measure the critical business metrics. 

  • Amazon performance metrics

Customer satisfaction is one of the most significant performance measures Amazon takes into account to determine how well you are doing as a seller on Amazon. Online merchants can check how they are doing concerning customer satisfaction, referring to Account Health dashboard.  

What factors can affect your Amazon rank?

  • Sales rank

Sales rank is significant Amazon ranking factor that can directly affect your product position on search results page. The higher your sales rank, the better your relevancy score when customers search for a product they are going to purchase. To improve your sales rank on Amazon you need to make more good deals. 

  • Click Through Rate

When a user inserts his query into Amazon search box, he is most likely thinking about purchasing something. To encourage a customer to make an order, Amazon provides a list of products scored by the algorithm and listed in ranking order of relevancy. When a user obtains a list of relevant to the query products, Amazon starts tracking what they click on next. So, Amazon counts click-through rates and integrate these statistics into the algorithm.

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