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How long does it take to optimize my work for a higher search engine ranking?

Let’s start with just three cold facts about higher search engine ranking. This task is comprehensive, hard, and sometimes even confusing. It’s all about SEO. Luckily, there are some ways to succeed in this doing and finally get a higher search engine ranking for your website. Let’s see how we can have better opportunities to generate more website traffic and elevate your conversions considerably. Below are several tested ways to do that.

higher search engine ranking

Work on quality video content

Putting the right priority to embed your web pages with some compelling videos is an excellent way to have an instant boost to higher search engine ranking. Nowadays, a quality video content has already become integrated into practically any well-performing strategy of digital marketing. Note, however, that every video you are going to host on your web pages should be optimized to be effective. To feel an impressive boost in traffic, work well on your video content. Create a sound mix of keywords, inspiring texts, useful tutorial and positive promotion to create a robust online presence elsewhere on the Internet, for example by hosting your own YouTube channel.

Emphasize your main keywords

Yes, it comes without saying that having a quality content rich with target keywords and key phrases is the core component of your website paving the way to a higher search engine ranking. But the right placement of the keywords through the page content is too often neglected. Just make sure you are doing well in the following locations:

  • Page titles and headings
  • Content descriptions
  • Alt text for visual content (images, videos)
  • Website domain name
  • Page URLs

That way, you should find the right balance between user-friendly quality content, which is well-optimized, from the viewpoint of the technical search engine optimization. Just keep working to deliver more valuable content relevant to your target audience, and compelling for crawling bots at the same time. Never bet on quality. You’d better start with a thin yet high-quality and natural website content, to create more new pages in future (for example, supportive blog posts, product descriptions, reviews, tutorials, etc.)

boost seo rankings

Provide more accessible and handy navigation

Keep in mind that the more accessible your website is for live users and crawling robots, the higher search engine ranking you have. Everything is quite simple - nobody likes slow loading speed, annoying popups, unsecured pages, or not fully optimized navigation through the website. So do the search engines! Make sure you are providing an adequate page loading speed, as it’s one of the most influential factors used by Google to award a higher search engine ranking.

At the same time, you’d better work on a proper structure and category logics of your website from the very beginning. Act proactively, as building the right structure will give you a good foundation for more accessible and user-friendly browsing experience. At the same time, having every section of the website well-categorized will assure you against the lion’s share of indexing issues, which are often emerging due to poor accessibility.

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