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Can I run easy SEO for my business website doing it all alone?

Being a modern solopreneur and running your own online business is always challenging, I should admit. Every day there are a lot of responsible tasks waiting for your precise attention, not to mention the search engine optimization, which is known as a really time-consuming and laborious doing. So, is it possible to run easy SEO strategy that works well for your small online business? Well, let’s see.

easy seo

Before we start, you have to face it - running a proper optimization is a comprehensive and long-term job. Even easy SEO strategy is a marathon, rather than a sprint. Yes, you will get a set of tested tips to improve your page rankings on Google’s list of search results. But keep it in mind - there would be no instant results or immediate improvements. You shouldn’t expect them, to be precise. Just keep working, and I’m sure you will be tracking the first signs of your progress.

Easy SEO for solo business owners


First of all, content marketing and technical SEO are always coming hand-in-hand. That’s why having a quality content for your web pages is the backbone foundation, which usually determines your website ranking from the very beginning. I recommend here doing the following:

  • Create high-quality content, purely relevant both to your current business goals, and prospects.
  • Make every piece of your writings as helpful, informative and inspiring as you can
  • Shape your texts in a user-friendly manner, make everything simple, clear, and easy to read
  • Work on timely content updates to keep the audience interested - both real users and crawling bots


To have your content saturated with the right keywords and key phrases, you will need to handle a keyword research. But don’t be afraid - it’s not a daunting task if done with a proper tool. That way, you will be able to find the main relevant keywords your potential customers are most likely to use for search. The core idea here is about finding the right keywords, frequently appearing in monthly searches, but without too much competition at the same time.


Maintain the right keyword density. Keep your page content saturated by about 2-3 percent on average. But never abuse with stuffing too many keywords just putting them at random.m That doesn’t work. Moreover, you will inevitably impact your content quality, leading to a very poor (if not zero) progress in higher rankings.

simple seo


Don’t hesitate to have a keyword or even one important long-tail phrase included to every website URL. Doing so, you will get a user-friendly navigation, engage more visitors to share your content, and make every page look better for indexing. All in one.

Social media

Use the most popular social media frameworks (like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.) to have a stronger online presence and more powerful website authority. Doing so, you will send a very positive signal to Google and the other search engines that you are worth ranking higher. Not to say that you can engage a tremendous organic traffic coming mainly from the social media.

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