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Can Google SEO guide improve my rankings?

Search engine optimization is a technical, analytical and research process which is designed to improve the visibility of a website in search engines and second online merchant revenue. It is a well-known fact that you need to optimize your site according to all existing search engine guidelines. As Google is the biggest player in a digital world, you need to optimize your website following Google optimization rules. This Google SEO guide is devoted to effective white-hat SEO techniques that will help you to target quality traffic to your site. There are no black-hat SEO techniques as far as Google is concerned.

google seo guide

Google optimization rules

Google insists online merchants follow its rules of website optimization in order to improve user experience with this search system. Google rewards sites which provide average users with high-quality content and quality white-hat optimization techniques. Moreover, the last Google updates insist website owners make their web sources mobile-friendly.

If you are abiding these standard optimization rules, you are risking to lose your positions on SERP and get penalties from Google. You should note that some methods of improving website rankings are, in fact, illegal. For instance, spamming and hacking are illegal in the USA and UK.

It is up to you to obey or break these Google guidelines. However, if you are a smart and prospective website owner, you should think about the consequences of black-hat optimization services.

All information you will find in this Google SEO guide is perfectly within the search engine guidelines and will help you to improve your website online presence and attract targeted traffic.

Google SEO guide: Keyword Research

You have to make a keyword research before you start your website optimization procedure. Keyword research enables you to select the most relevant and targeted search terms that will give you an opportunity to attract the targeted audience and improve your ranking positions in Google. To conduct a quality keyword research and find out which key phrases have the highest competitiveness, you need to provide a comprehensive market niche analysis. It is advisable to use a mixture of long-tail and broad keywords. To simplify a process of keywords suggestion, you may use such automated free tools as Google Keyword Planner, WordStrem’s Keyword Research Tool, and Semalt Auto SEO Tool.

Google SEO guide: On-site optimization

If you have already completed your Google SEO keyword research and make up a list of the most high-volume search terms, now it is time to create a quality and engaging content to target your potential customers. The most targeted key phrases need to appear in your content naturally and should be relevant to the topic. Otherwise, your content will not be readable and will look spammy. So you need to avoid stuffing your content with keywords as it makes your website visitors frustrated and gives the notion of searching engines that you try to manipulate search rankings.

seo guide

Google SEO guide: Link Building

The perfect way to increase your website visibility is to share your content on social networks and build relevant links to your site. Google has specific filters which are constant updates to penalize webmasters who implement black-hat link building techniques. If you decide to accelerate the process of optimization by purchasing links, be ready to receive a portion of Google penalties. To improve your brand recognition and raise click-through-rate, implement blog posting technique and create high-quality content that will be shared by users.

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