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How .edu backlinks can influence your site SEO?

Edu backlinks are considered as the most valuable as they come from trustworthy and reputable domains. They are usually used by colleges, universities, high schools, and other educational institutions. As they bring value to users, Google highly appreciates them and rank high on SERP.

It takes a lot of time and efforts to gain access to links from such websites. However, the benefit is that you should not obviously be an expert in a particular educational field to get a backlink from it to your site.

If you are struggling to get quality .edu backlinks to your site, this post will be valuable for you as I gather here all the most trading link building techniques.

edu backlink

The benefits of .edu backlinks

  • Google highly appreciates all edu. domains and subsequently will attract your site as highly assortative if you get external links from these domains;
  • All educational web sources are of high-quality and possess value to users;
  • Putting your link on .edu domain, you will get a lot of targeted traffic that will be easy to convert;
  • Gain website’s value and truth.

How to build quality .edu backlinks?

  • Give out scholarships

To establish good relationships with universities and high schools, you can provide their students with grants and scholarships.

You can start conducting a web search of the educational institutions through Google or other local channels that can provide you with relevant information to your query. Make sure, an educational institution you select has a lot of visitors or ask whether a university or school has a community. Reach out to people who in charge for these communities. Based on your industry or products you retail, you can provide .edu resources with different benefits in return for backlinks. For instance, if you retail sports equipment, you can offer a scholarship to students who excel in sports. If you are able to get a handful backlink from .edu web source which is at least relatively relevant to your market niche, then you add more value to your backlink profile.

  • Provide discounts for the students

If you retail some products that can be useful for students in their daily needs, then you can try to get backlinks in return for discounts. Provide students with unique proposals and gifts. Your products can be stationary or software designs that can aid students in pursuing their course. You need to ask a university dean to publish your offer on the institution’s website.

trust backlinks

  • Create a content that will be interested in students

You won’t get quality backlinks, especially from .edu sites, if your website content possesses any value for readers. Nobody wants to read crappy contents for sure.

Most of the educational institutions maintain blogs for students. You can ask to publish your relevant and research-based articles on this blog or posting intelligent answers to student’s questions. 

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