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How to get relevant backlinks from TOP PR sites in Google?

Backlinks are very significant for every web source whether it is a local business website or big retail online firm. You can obtain external links through comments on other niche related websites or use blog posting or submitting articles to social bookmarking and social networking sites. There are primary ways of links generating. However, there are a lot of other more professional ways to build links on the web.

top pr sites for backlinks

Why do you need to use TOP PR sites for backlinks?

To get high PageRank and increase your site rankings, you need to build your links on TOP PR websites. Every website owner would like to obtain links from high PR web sources, that is why you will most likely face difficulties in getting access to these sites. Moreover, usually, these kind of websites allow only nofollow links on their pages. Nofollow links will not bring any link juice to your site whether they are placed on the authoritative or spammy websites. That is why what you need is  dofollow links that can raise your site rankings and contribute your search engine optimization efforts.    

However, there are a lot of TOP PR websites where dofollow backlinks are available. Let us discuss some of these web sources.

  • Google+

Google+ is leading social media network which is placed on the TOP of PageRank with almost the highest mark (9). On this platform, you can build both nofollow and dofollow backlinks.

First of all, you need to login your Google+ account and verify it. Make sure you have a mailbox in Gmail. Then go to your profile page and click on “About” section. After that scroll down to “Links” and click on “Edit” option. You can add your links in this section, and they will become dofollow automatically.

  • YouTube

This media platform is trendy in our days. Every day millions of people open it for educational and entertainment purposes. That is why it is quite reasonable to use this PR9 web source for your benefit. Here you can also build both dofollow and nofollow links.

As YouTube is a media platform with the limited amount of textual information, you can add your blog or website backlinks in your “About” or “Description” section. These links are considered as nofollow so do not bring direct link juice to your site. However, if you put your link to the “Associated Website” section, then you have all chances to get quality dofollow backlinks.

top sites for backlinks

As there are a lot of video bloggers who post their videos on YouTube on a regular basis, you can establish business relationships with them. Everything you need is to find a blogger who creates videos or the theme related to yours and ask him for cooperation. Most likely you will get a positive response as the most bloggers are looking for financial support.

To get dofollow backlinks on YouTube, you should verify your account using the link and submit your site to Google Webmasters. Then you need to login to your YouTube account and chose a function “Channel Setting” and finally click on “view Additional Features.” Under the advanced section, you will be able to add your site to “associated Website” section.

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