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Will it easy to get backlinks in 2018?

Links building has always played a primary role in search engine optimization. However, the methods of building links have been changed each year. The biggest one appeared in 2013 when Google created his Penguin update. This update made all points apparent, raising the value of the quality of the inbound links and devaluing all spammy links. 

In our days, link building is a highly controversial issue. One specialist claim that the value of external links has declined while others argue that its importance has continuously risen over the years. These misunderstandings are caused by devaluing links spam, and the constant Google updates that change priorities in this sphere. 

However, no matter what have you heard about link building, it still directly affects your site rankings. No website can rank high on SERP without quality and relevant inbound links. 

Currently, 2017 year is coming to an end, and we are on the eve of 2018 Christmas holidays. Google still struggle against spammy link building techniques and prize relevant incoming links. Spammy link building techniques have gone into oblivion. More and more webmasters decide to invest in quality content crafting and link building. It causes a high competition in this field. 

One can't help but wonder what will be the new changes that we can experience in link building sphere in 2018. As a prosperous website owner, you need to be aware of what is going to work and what is not. 

In this article, you will find some future-proof ways to make you stay on the TOP of search engine optimization game. 

How easily get backlinks in 2018?

  • Make everything manually

We live in the utterly automated world where things that are created manually have a high value, especially in link building sphere. Make sure you refer to your market niche leaders to acquire more quality backlinks. Do not go for automating emails as they are attracted as spam by the addressee. 

Moreover, do not fall for automated link building software as it can negatively affect your site positions and brand reputation. I strongly recommend referring to professional SEO experts who can build links to your site manually.

  • Skyscraper link building technique

It is a favorite content-driving technique which is used by SEO specialists to gain links to a web source. It is based on finding a quality piece of content in your niche which is already considered as a reputable source and searching for opportunities to create better content within the same message.

You need to track the new content publications in your market niche to put your links out there. If this content is published on a reputable web source, it is most likely already has a high rank. That is why it is an excellent opportunity for you to get link juice from authority source. By creating research-based content, you can outrank the original one and get a good response to it.

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