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What are the good backlinks for SEO?

Real estate business is a highly competitive online sphere where only the biggest agencies with an excellent reputation have a chance to rank high on SERP. However, individual realtors also can fight for the lead. To outsmart your biggest market niche competitors, you need to create your site with a user in mind and optimize it according to search engine rules. The core element of a resultative optimization campaign is link building. Links building is a process of creating incoming links from the authoritative niche related web sources. It is a part of off-site optimization procedure that needs to be done after all your on-site elements improvement. Backlinks help to grow website traffic and increase brand authority. However, as I mentioned before, to be a leader in real estate market requires a lot of time and investments. That is why you need to be ready that a process of acquiring quality incoming links will be tough and time-consuming. Moreover, you need to know the sources where you can get good backlinks for SEO. In this article, we will discuss real estate SEO backlink sources that can simplify your link building campaign and contribute your SEO efforts. 

Sources with good backlinks for real estate SEO

Real estate SEO backlinks generating is a process of getting links to your website from other relevant sites. The digital market serves as a significant old popularity contest where the participants with the biggest number of votes (backlinks) obtain the highest positions. Google’s whole business model is based on giving searchers the most quality and relevant information. The only way to assume the popularity of content is to count all incoming traffic this content generates and the number of shares and links it deserves. For instance, popular social network Facebook has over 32,348,008,110 backlinks. It is an absolute leader on SERP by the number of queries as a lot of users vote for it as for an authoritative web source. 

However, in reality, when it comes to less popular and narrow focused web sources, acquiring backlinks can be a problem. Moreover, not all backlinks are created equal, and some of them can bring your real estate website more negative than positive signals. Google is pretty smart and can simply distinguish between spammy and authoritative incoming links. Google bots analyze not only the relevance of the content where links are placed but also a reputation of a website from which they come. 

That is why in this article I will talk only about authoritative web sources where you can get quality backlinks to your real estate site. 

  • Incoming links from your strategic business partners

The essential part of this strategy is based on providing an insane amount of value up front to the other business owners. For instance, you can provide value to people on your email list by giving them coupons to local establishments that you have partnered with. Part of the exchange between your business should include a backlink to your real estate site. By doing so, you establish mutually beneficial relationships with your partners and get quality link juice to your site. Your business partners may even include a keyword in a link coming from a site based in your community. It will significantly contribute to your site SEO. 

  • Give testimonials to a real estate SEO backlinks

A simple search engine research will give you a list of websites that have testimonials on them in your industry. Most of these web sources link out to the person who left the review. If you still do not have a page like this, suggest to create one and ask people to leave their reviews there. It will help you to get more relevant backlinks and raise your authority in the eyes of Google. 

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