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What is the difference between SEO and AdWords?

Nowadays, every digital marketing strategy is betting on a massive arsenal of tools. All of them used in different ways to be perfectly tailored for general marketing goals driving the ultimate business targets. Among the others, particularly AdWords and SEO are always recognized as more than powerful components in Search Engine Marketing (SEM). Rather than trying to figure out the difference between SEO and AdWords, I suggest to having a brief review of their advantages. So, how to make the right use of them, either separately, or hand-in-hand?

difference between seo and adwords

So what shall I choose? AdWords of Search Engine Optimization?

Among the most common ways to online business failure, stands the wrong approach about the very choice, and hence the difference between SEO and AdWords. Some people only believe that once they have got a good SEO for their website traffic, they do not need it anymore. That’s why it’s a very casual state of affairs that SEO stands long forgotten, while just keeping investing into AdWords for some current acceleration. But even if you already have a fairly good ranking in the SERPs, that might be a just temporary result for your online visibility. Putting your standing SEO works on pause and getting concentrated on AdWords is a wrong thing. Doing so, your website exposure on the Internet will be inevitably slipping away. So, maintaining SEO is necessary under any circumstances. Yes, it’s a comprehensive and time-consuming task to do it all alone. So why wouldn’t you invest some cash and have these permanent maintenance works just delegated to the experts or even team of professionals? I’m sure that won’t cost too much, moreover being worth every cent you are going to spend on it. As a result, it becomes indisputable that Search Engine Optimization is still needed for every commercial website, only to stay afloat. It’s the very basics of online visibility. After all, just try to take it for granted.

And what about AdWords? You can quickly estimate your current performance driven by AdWords anytime you want. Doing so, you can measure your current AdWords campaigns, thus if they are showing a quick boost in traffic, you can even increase your current marketing budget to see even higher ROI. So, what is better for elevating your online visibility - Search Engine Optimization or just paying for AdWords will do anyway? The answer is really straightforward. Given that trying to see the difference between SEO and Adwords you are already moving the wrong track let’s make use of their single and matching purpose. Both SEO and Adwords are designed to elevate your website rankings in the SERPs. So why not to make the right use of them both, at the same time?

seo and adwords


As we see, AdWords and Search Engine Optimization can not be competitors in any way, both being equally powerful online marketing tools available for today. Just remember to maintain a good SEO for longer-term sustainability, and AdWords when you need a nearly traffic boost. And don’t forget to pay your time and efforts for creating a good marketing plan and efforts in the realm of social media. You will need these two for having a stable flow of the most organic traffic, which is brought by real users coming to your website from the most popular social networks.

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