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Data Scraping Made Easy By Semalt

Web scraping has become an essential digital process in business and marketing planning. Today the industries want to have gathered data within minutes and try to find the most effective ways to achieve their goals. The Web Scraper extension from Chrome is an excellent solution and offers its users amazing tools and results. The users don't need to have any special computer programming skills to use this software program.

Web Scraper Extension

Web Scraper is an extension for Сhrome browser made exclusively for web data scraping. You can set up a plan (sitemap) on how to navigate a website and specify the data to be extracted. The scraper will traverse the website according to the setup and extract the relevant data. It lets users export the extracted data to specific formats. It can also scrape also multiple pages. This is why it's a very powerful tool. It can retrieve data from a number of dynamic web pages that use Ajax and JavaScript. To scrape many pages from a particular website, the users need to understand the pagination structure. For example, if they wish to switch to a new page, they just have to change the number at the end of an URL. At the same time, they can create a sitemap in order to scrape many pages automatically.

Scraping Elements

When web searchers use this tool they can build sitemaps in order to be able to navigate the site and mine relative data. By using various selectors, the web scraper can navigate the website to get some data, like lists, images, contents, and tables. More specifically, every time the scraper opens a page from a website, users have to gather some elements. To do so, they have to click on the sitemap by selecting 'Scrape'. In case they need to stop the process in between, they just have to close this window, and they can keep the extracted data. Then, scraped data can be exported as CSV formats.

This data scraper is very simple, efficient, and robust extracting tool. It offers some advantages, such as data extraction that can read data structures, such as contact lists, prices, products, emails and more automatically.

Scraping Multiple Pages Using Refine

Refine offers some great techniques for users to be able to handle the best way possible the data they have scrapped. To extract information out of multiple web-pages, we'll use a two-step procedure:

Firstly, we'll get all the URLs for the web-pages with the scraper extension, then we will extract the information out of these web pages using Refine. If the web pages they want to gather data from provide links to other similar pages, web searchers can use pagination to follow through to the next page. Users can also combine some strategies to be able to paginate and crawl to various websites. For example, they can generate a list of URLs to scrape and then paginate through results.

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