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How did you succeed in creating backlinks to your website?

Creating backlinks to your website is vital for your page search rankings and your business growth on the whole. Taken in general, quality backlinks can improve your website’s credibility, boost your traffic, and hence help you climb on the top of Google’s SERPs. Yes, creating backlinks to your website may seem a daunting task. But there is no need to worry. Anyway, you can apply for several perfectly fitting solutions I used to gain more conversions and a higher follower count. Here they are: guest posting on popular blogs of top relevancy, interacting with crowded forums and blogs related to your business industry, as well as setting your regular activity on social media. So, below I’m going to review these three central action plans in detail.

creating backlinks to your website

Guest Posting

Guest posting on some popular blogs of top relevancy can be an excellent practical solution for creating backlinks to your website. I mean here you are free to work on DoFollow backlinks, which are perfectly fitting to reach a broader audience of undeveloped clients, in line with building your website a stronger authority on the Internet. Of course, guest blogging can be hardly called a brand new strategy for creating backlinks to your website. But for more effective posting on relevant blogs I recommend considering the following bullet points:

  • the main goal of guest blogging is to engage your target audience for gaining more visits, leads, follows, and subscriptions
  • use website user demographics to find the right and relevant blogs, which should be more likely to have their standing audience interested in reading your guest writings
  • you should link to landing pages, as only this can improve your website’s conversions, boosting the search engine rankings at the same time
  • don’t forget to give mention to your industry leaders and the other authoritative influencers to leverage even broader audience, when your guest post is shared on their own blogs and personal accounts on different social media.

Industry Forums and Blogs

Interacting with many crowded blogging communities and forums related to your business industry is likely to pay off as well. All you need here is to offer some valuable insight of your own and joining on-site conversations on the hottest topics covering the main subject of your website. Become thorough with your forthcoming advice and stay approachable to be always giving your authoritative voice on time. That way, you will be more likely to get NoFollow links there. However, far not all industry forums and blogs are making allowance for these NoFollow links solely.

get backlinks

Social Media

Setting your regular activity on different social media resources is the third best way for creating backlinks to your website. The thing is, however, that not every social platform allows DoFollow links. Nevertheless, the leading ones like Twitter, Instagram and Facebook might as well be used for setting a regular and active interaction to benefit from a rapid promotion with an innumerable count of shares and mentions. After all, you are always free to get more DoFollow links with Google Plus, LinkedIn, Pinterest, etc. All you need here is to keep a consistent posting schedule, in line with tracking your results to make all adjustments on time.

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