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Co je Semalt com?

The Internet can be compared to a huge supermarket with all possible goods and services. It is easy to lose yourself amongst numerous webpages. Sure, every business owner wants his website to earn leading positions in Google search. The more users learn about his company, the more goods and services he can sell. Website traffic directly influences business profitability, it is obvious even to a novice user.

Google supports spirit of competition on the Internet motivating creation of quality websites and careful work with content. One of the key factors of such motivation is regular update of algorithms of Google search. Every year the search system tightens conditions more and more. This is an essential measure as long as a lot of web resources used to employ various tricks to promote themselves to the top. The situation is different now – external links do not play a key role in website promotion, more attention is given to content. The website must correspond to the subject of keywords and provide users with valuable information. It is not so easy to upgrade your positions under stiff competition, especially in popular business spheres. Online commerce was affected by new search algorithms most, a lot of websites not only lost their positions but fell under fine sanctions by Google.

It is possible to promote a website to the top using individual resources. But for a SEO non-professional it is highly difficult. That’s why it is better to leave website promotion in the trust of experienced SEO’s. You can find more information on the website of company. Now let us tell you in brief what the company does and what value it can bring to your business.

Semalt is a set of tools necessary to a webmaster i.e.:

  • keywords suggestions
  • Semalt google rankings monitoring
  • website analyzer
  • competitors analyzer
  • SEO-services

Meaning of Information for Online Business

While you can easily count number of visitors in a regular offline office or shop, it is impossible on a website without a special algorithm. For the purpose of monitoring web traffic, there were created special systems of web analytics that allow to track not only number of visitors but their interests, average age, place of residence as well. Also, the system monitors website positions in search results. This way, there is no need for you to check your positions on all keywords manually. Web analytics service will provide a rendered report with charts and illustrative diagrams.

Semalt will help to form the semantic kernel of the website. All you will have to do is remove irrelevant words from the list. Remaining keywords are divided into groups so that they could be used for search promotion.

Semalt service is primarily designed for commercial websites as a businessman must permanently monitor demand for his goods and services. If a company’s activities cover a few directions at once, monitoring of web analytics will show which direction should be developed and what to change on the website. Work with keywords is an integral part of promoting website to Google TOP.

Internet users enter certain requests into the search bar, mainly standard phrases. Semalt allows creating a semantic kernel of the website – picking widespread keywords on a particular subject. Due to using popular keywords, the website visibility gets a significant boost, and the company finds new customers.

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