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What are the ways to get quality backlinks except buying them online?

Backlinks play a significant role in search engine optimization as they make a visible website in search engines and tells Google about website authority and relevance. Even if your on-page optimization is executed perfectly, it can’t be appreciated by search engines and users while it is not presented on the first SERP page. While many SEO experts advise creating great content as a primary way to get targeted traffic, most website owners conclude that quality content itself will rarely work. It should always be complemented by a strong link building campaign.

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This article is devoted to the methods that help to get quality backlinks without referring to such black hat optimization methods as buying backlinks online.

Ways to get quality backlinks

  • Simplify your link building with HARO tool

HARO (Help a Reporter Out) is the service that connects reporters with experts and content writers. As the reporters usually cite their sources, you can also automatically get a mention or quality backlink from an authoritative website without buying backlinks online. By logging in Help a Reporter Out tool, you start receiving daily emails from them that include all the reporters that need a source for their articles.

  • Looking for the content in your market niche

Another way to get a quality backlink is to search for content which carries the same topic idea as yours. Moreover, you should pay attention to the topic resources based on your topic and suggest your site to the article author. The perfect way to find such content is to perform a market research using the following combinations: “best blogs in this year,” “best blogs to read” and so on. To find link roundup articles, you may insert the following queries - “your search term” + “link roundup,” “your search term” + “best of.” While a search for educational resources, you can use such combinations as - “ “your search term,” “site.:edu: “your search term”+ "other sites.”

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Once, you will find an article that perfectly suits for your business; you should contact the author and suggest your website. It is advisable to have some positive reinforcement to the author before suggesting your content. In the long run, it will help you to establish a good business relationship with this person.

  • Benefit from guest posting on popular niche related blogs  

It is not a problematic task to become a guest author on some valuable niche related websites. The key is to stick to the market niche that you know very well. You should provide readers with helpful content as an expert in your industry. Sources where you can publish your blog posts you may find in Google inserting the following combinations - “your topic” + guest post; “your topic” + guest author and so on. If you see a source that meets your needs, the next step is to contact the owner of the blog and ask to write for him.

  • Search for broken links

Start with searching for broken links in your market niche and suggest your links as the excellent replacement for those links which are currently broken. However, it is not an easy task to find broken links if your business is based in a less competitive market niche. To find broken links you can use the following queries - “your keyword” + shutdown; “your keyword” + rebranded and so on.

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