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How do I build quality backlinks the right way?

You need to build quality backlinks, as they are undoubtedly among the major building blogs making the whole foundation of a good SEO. Of course, there are many different factors used by Google to take a ranking decision for every web page on the Internet. And there are myriads of great content posts published every day, however, without being supported with organic backlinks the whole process becomes worth nothing.

 So, before anything else, you should never waste your time and effort just to have as many links as possible. That will not work. Moreover, you might as well cause trouble for your website’s ranking with Google penalties. That’s why you’d better concentrate on their quality, rather than bare quantity. Here is how you can build quality backlinks the right way - simply following the best practices used by the leading SEO agencies and optimization providers. Below are several reasonable link building strategies I tested for my own blog.

build quality backlinks

Go out for Guest Blog Posting

Guest posting in your niche is one of the greatest ways to build quality backlinks to your website. Moreover, this link building strategy is often used by many digital marketing agencies and SEO providers. All you need to get a free exposure directly in front of a broader audience is just to invest some time in writing quality guest posts, and simply ask a backlink to your website in return. That way, guest blogging can become a goldmine opportunity not only to build quality backlinks, but to show your strong expertise in the subject, hence passively improving your website’s domain authority at the same time.

Deal with Social Bookmarking Sites

Social bookmarking is also a reasonable strategy to acquire a lot of extra backlinks. In fact, dealing with social bookmarking sources is often related to an off-page Search Engine Optimization. That’s why it’s commonly used by SEO professionals to drive more traffic and build quality backlinks - all in one. The thing is that social websites (like Digg, Reddit, Delicious, Stumbleupon, etc.) are continuously crawled and indexed by Google and the rest of major search engines. So, submitting your web pages to social bookmarking sites means your content, as well as links, are more likely to be found and indexed with greater speed.

quality backlinks

Benefit from Article and Document Sharing Directories

Document-sharing websites is another way to build quality backlinks safely and without spending a dollar. I recommend visiting Docstoc and Scribd, as I found them great for link building - all you need here is to upload your relevant blog writings converted into PDF format. You might as well go for article marketing directories, as for a very long time this strategy has been one of the most effective ways to build quality backlinks with a firm authority.

 Note, however, that not every directory is good enough to spend your time over there. Just have a double check that it’s purely relevant to your subject, and has the right niche or target audience. Doing so, don’t forget to have your anchor text that should link back to your main website or blog. Keep in mind, that without well-optimized anchor the value of your backlinks is most likely to be null and void.

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