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Is it worth to violate Google standards with buying high PR backlinks?

Nowadays, more and more people are looking for simple ways to get traffic to their domains. They are ready to pay for a link and get traffic through a dark route, violating Google optimization standards. Of the most popular and working method to improve a site's visibility on a SERP is to buy high PR backlinks. This technique becomes a widespread endeavor for those online merchants who are seeking to raise their click-through rate and conversion.

buy high pr backlinks

There are some reasons why people decide to pay for backlinks. Among the most often encountered reasons, I can enumerate the following ones:

  • effectiveness

When everything is done properly, you have no risks to get penalties from search engines. It can be difficult to distinguish between paid and unpaid links when a link builder has a professional approach to link generation.

  • coverage for decades

Professional PR companies have been purchasing covering for many years. If you think that a startup may get a perfect coverage because it provides fantastic services for customers, you are mistaken. They a make a push for their business buying high PR backlinks.

  • violation of the rules, not laws

If you have an account on one of the popular social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook or Pinterest, you have probably noticed that influence maker (popular singers, athletes, politics, etc.) advertise products. Companies are paying to these people for their advertising and doing it out in the open. By doing so, they are not breaking the rules, but receive an opportunity to get targeted traffic to their domains.

Do's and don'ts when buying high pr backlinks

When you decide to purchase links to your site, you should not use link networks or cooperate with anyone who publicly sells links. Moreover, you need to avoid low-cost marketplaces and vendors that email you with placements on authority sites.

Instead of it, you need to focus on cooperation with relevant to your business sites and blogs and target web sources that accept advertisements. However, try to avoid banner ads usage. Instead of it, your backlinks should look natural in content. Cooperate with influence makers and offer to pay them for large content publications.

Following these tips, you will assure that the links you purchase are on quality sites that not only build link quality but also drive targeted traffic and improve brand awareness.

buy backlinks

Tips to buy high PR backlinks

First of all, it is significant to note that sponsored backlinks should not be at the heart of your link building campaign. Moreover, before purchasing links, you need to make an audit of a website and determine a competitive landscape it has. You also need to track the results of your link building campaign using available analytical tools such as Semalt Auto SEO.  

The first method how to find quality backlinks to your site is found sites accepting ads or sponsored content. You may find such web sources by using different keyword modifiers and online tracking tools. Make up a keyword modifier set and combine it with relevant search operators. Moreover, you may select keyword modifiers based on geographical location and relevancy to your market niche and business.

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