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Is there any particular type or style content which can get better search engine ranking?

Nowadays, the content quality is more than an important issue, both for substantial, user-friendly experience and for better search engine ranking. The recently improved evaluation algorithm of Google now leaves no room for abusing with link building, overstuffing with keywords, or any other manipulative techniques used to show pretty good results. But those times passed long ago. Today, possibly no website can survive without the quality content delivering real value to users. That’s why the question is huge and very critical - what kind of content should you have to get a better search engine ranking? Fortunately, I got some pretty good suggestions to help you with that. Well, let’s see them one by one.

better search engine ranking


Once again, quality is a MUST for your content. Neglecting this task for your website will never bring it a better search engine ranking. Just take it for granted. But what stands for quality content after all? Most commonly, when the content experts say “quality writings” they mean a purely relevant piece of text data, delivering much value to the target audience of readers. So, to succeed in this task, I recommend developing a deeper understanding of your potential visitors, their intentions, needs, habits, and top interests. Next, making sure to have the maximum traction, you will have to identify the right keywords for your content. Doing so, I suggest choosing the right tool for Keyword Research and SEO audit, rather than using Google’s SERPs to guess what keyword to take or to omit. That will never be enough, just face it.


Next, working on quality content never forget you are making it for real people, not machines. I mean that putting a strong focus on the technical aspects of SEO solely (like keyword density) will never drive your pages to better search engine ranking. Yes, technical optimization is still essential, but try not to think of it when creating a user-friendly content. Therefore, there is no need to have too long articles or write them with excessively complex sentences. Just try giving a big picture in simple wording. Also, it would be great to make your typical page content colored with some eye-catching and compelling information, like podcasts, infographics, videos, images, or any other visual content that makes your content ideally sound for reading.

seo ranking


At last, we can finally pay enough attention to some technical aspects of SEO to make your content recognized by the search engines as well. First of all, you MUST have a fine-tuning mobile version of your website, as now Google is giving a top-priority to mobile-friendly user experience, once and for all. Secondly, make sure to have a sitemap to help crawling robots with easier navigation through your pages, resulting in better indexing and hence higher position in the SERPs. At last, don’t forget to pay enough attention to the original technical aspects of the search optimization, such as page loading speed, metadata (like headers, URLs, snippets and descriptions), and, of course, your internal links.

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