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Why do you need to get backlinks only from authoritative sources?

Link building is the most significant part of search engine optimization because it makes a web source visible on SERP. During the last years, link building practices have changed dramatically. However, the significance of link building remains unchangeable. This part of off-page optimization you cannot neglect.

The fundamental change that appears in link building is that nowadays we should focus on getting quality backlinks from authority sources instead of increasing their number. Google representatives claim that low-quality links that were obtained through fraudulent ways can hurt website rankings and lower an authority of the domain.

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So the perfect to look for the quality links is to refer to authoritative domains. In this article, we will discuss what the authoritative sources we can rely on and how to get links from them are.

What websites can be regarded as authoritative?

 An authoritative web source is that has a high PageRank, provides quality content and user experience. Such web source enjoys credibility and has a certain influence in its industry. As a rule, it ranked at the TOP of the search results and associated with helpful research-based content that concerned users find valuable for them. This quality content creates a social activity around it which is also common for an authoritative source.

How to find authoritative websites for my backlinks?

There are two basic techniques to find an authoritative web source - manually or automatically.

One of the simplest ways to find an authoritative source online is to make Google research. Start by using search terms that are relevant to your website. While conducting the search, you may use the following separators - site extensions (edu., gov., org.); keyword (in such a way you will browse only for the results that have a particular search term in the title); “keyword” (key phrase) - the word should appear exactly as written.

Moreover, you may add expressions which are associated with link building processes. For instance, links, recommended web sources, list of links, list of websites and so on.

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You can simplify a way of getting authoritative websites by using professional online tools such as Semalt Auto SEO or Moz SEO Toolbar.  This online tools may scan all mentions for the keyword you insert. You may use additional filters to receive more precise information with the list of the most relevant and authoritative web source where you can put your links.

Another way is to get in touch with authoritative website owners. Once you have found a website that meets your requirements, you should try to get in touch with the owner through email, phone or other available channels. The most significant moment there is to send a personalized message. Present information in such a way that owner will able to find some value in it for himself. The tone of your message should be between professional and personalized to engage owner and establish with him good business relationships.

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