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How to boost your ranking position on Amazon website?

It is incredible to sell products on Amazon if you know how this system works. If you rank high on Amazon website, then your prosperous future is wholly decided already. Amazon takes regular businesses and gives them six and seven-figure incomes. However, do not confuse it with philanthropy as Amazon firstly cares about its revenue. So, the more money you bring to this retailing giant, the higher you will rank on its search results page. 

So, if you would like to become a prosperous Amazon seller, you need to understand how Amazon ranking algorithm works. In this article, we will discuss how to boost your sales on Amazon using an array of various optimization tactics and mechanisms. 

Source the low competition products

As you know sales, velocity is the number one ranking factor on Amazon. So, you can provide your customers with numerous discounts and giveaways to get your product page to the TOP or implement such a useful sales boosting service as Viral Launch. One more proven method is to invest significant sums of money in Amazon advertising to see your stuff among sponsored products at the TOP of search results page. So, if you have enough money to do it, you can compete for top spots in some of the most competitive markets. However, you should understand that other merchant also ready to invest in their advertising campaigns, and your TOP placement can be temporary. 

All in all, this method has a lot of weak points. First of all, it does not suit for small businesses who have limited budgeting. Secondly, it doesn’t work well if you are looking to gain profit as soon as possible. 

Fortunately, we have a better variant how you can boost your sales quickly. You need to define your products competition. Everything you need is to type in the principal search terms for the product you want to retail and analyze the TOP 10 results. You should distinguish from this list at least three sellers who have less than 50 reviews. There shouldn’t be any listings with more than 250 reviews in your TOP 10. It means that these products have low competition and you can come to this market niche and rank for TOP keyword phrases fairly quickly. 

Keyword research and listing setup

Keyword research plays a significant role in Amazon marketplace as it helps merchants target their potential customers who already have a buying intent. Have you ever wonder how keyword research can affect your organic rankings? When you craft your listing (title, bullet points, description), and back-end search terms you are telling Amazon’s ranking algorithm precisely what you want to rank for in the search results. In other words, the search terms on your listing serve as the form of communication between you and Amazon A9 algorithm. By creating a correctly organized listing, you tell Amazon where you want to be positioned organically. 

To make a process of keyword research more pleasant and less time-consuming, you can implement some of the available online research tools, both free and paid. There are several professional keyword research tools I can recommend for you: Amazon Keyword Tool, AMZ Tracker, Merchant Words, and Keyword Inspector. 

The title is the primary place where your targeted search terms should be placed. Them, proceed to bullet points. These sections should also include search terms you want to rank by, and finally, do not lose your chance to insert all relevant keywords and phrases in your description. It is advisable to fill up the title, bullets, and description with as many characters as possible. Using all of the available characters is significant because it will give you the maximum amount of organic ranking positioning. 

Concerning back-end search terms, I recommend adding your keywords form the front end of the back end. However, you need to avoid any prepositions and articles as well as any other unnecessary data. 

Moreover, craft your listing with the potential users in mind. You create it first of all of them, and only then for Amazon crawlers.

One more rule you need to follow crafting your listing on Amazon is to avoid any keywords duplication. 

That way your listing can be correctly organically positioned on Amazon. Setting up your listing content is essential to gaining traffic on Amazon. 


Pricing plays a significant role in ranking on Amazon. It may either improve your ranking position on Amazon or take you out of the game. The fundamental principle of Amazon ranking algorithm is that the more competitive pricing policy you have, the more customers you will win. Competitive price can significantly increase your sales velocity and ranking position on Amazon search results page. 

To determine what price is considered competitive within your market niche, you need to do research on your market and determine what you want your full price to be. You can merely research your market niche and look at the first ten search results and make notes of their prices. Then you should develop an average pricing policy within your niche and determine what you want your full price to be. 

Be aware that if your price is too high, you will kill your sales volume and lower your chances to win Amazon Buy Box. To increase ranking dip your price below your competitors to increase sales velocity. Then gradually increase your rate every three days. Record any price change to have a coherent picture of price changes. It will give you insight into how much profit extract from the market before observing a dip in sales velocity. Moreover, it will allow you to boost sales and be as profitable as possible due to the vast number of good deals. 


According to the recent Amazon’s update in 2016, Amazon merchants are no longer able to ask for reviews in exchange for discounts, giveaways or any other forms of encouragement. 

However, it depends on your approach to generating reviews. For instance, you can use giveaways to encourage shoppers to leave organic reviews. They are fundamental to launching on Amazon as they increase sales velocity and make customers loyal to your brand. Sellers can still use giveaways and launch services to satisfy customer needs.

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