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Can you show me the simplest sure-fire ways to promote business websites in Google’s free organic search listing?

My short answer is yes, I’ve got some basic performing ways to promote business websites using free organic SEO techniques as opposed to paid search optimization (otherwise, online promotion via Pay-Per-Click ads). Of course, the following set of actionable tactics is far from being a complete guide to your organic SEO strategy at the on-page level. While the following set of basic optimization techniques seems elementary, it still pulls together a number of really performing ways to promote business websites in Google’s free search listing (as well as blog pages, and arguably any other online project, disregarding the main content topic/business industry, whether it has the element of commerciality or created, say, just for informational/marketing purposes). That being said, below I’m going to run through each scheme of on-page SEO for you to set the right focus and quickly get everything in place without spending too much time & effort. So, let’s delve.

4 Simple Ways to Promote Business Websites in Free Search Results

Now I’m going to be captain obvious telling you that the very concept of on-page SEO is by definition related to all content optimization works and the rest of technical adjustments – which are apparently taken on your website pages. Ultimately, to help you rank better for the primary factors and performance elements that Google wants to see directly on your web pages, as well as inside your HTML site structure. That way, here is what should be focused over there:

  • Page Titles – are among the most important elements determining your organic rankings in Google’s SERPs, simply because they carry the lion’s share of keyword relevancy potential (when embedded with the core search terms, to be located closer to the title’s beginning). At the same time, your well-optimized Page Titles would be the first thing seen by the user, as they are commonly displayed by Google as clickable links with a “website summary” – so make sure to make them short & concise to attract more user clicks, and therefore set a measurably better Click-Through Rate and Conversion-generating potential. 
  • Meta Descriptions – given that for some strange reason many site owners and even novice webmasters simply forget to include these important SEO elements to their pages, creating unique Meta Descriptions tailored to each related web page can give you a significant advantage over your careless opponents. Moreover, that would be another nice opportunity to utilize your main target keywords once again, therefore additionally boosting your ranking potential at some point. Sure-Fire Hint: try betting on long-tail keywords to be embedded contextually over there.
  • Custom URLs – creating unique URLs for each related web page, in line with making them rich with the core relevant search terms can be equally great ways to promote business websites in Google’s free organic search listings. Everything should be nearly self-explanatory over there, so all you need to remember is to keep each URL on topic, making everything maximum short & concise, separating words with hyphens (no underscores are allowed), in line with occasionally putting your brand name (when applicable). That’s it.

  • Internal Links – this area of on-page SEO is a particularly underestimated one. Nevertheless, I strongly recommend investing your time and effort in creating a correct logical interlinking structure. Doing so, you will instantly kill two birds with one stone. On the one hand, it contributes better accessibility for easy and correct indexing procedure. From the other side, however, providing a well-structured set of internal links connecting your homepage and the primary category/service pages will make things much easier for human browsing (i.e., improving user navigation experience via eliminating any unnecessary/spare user clicks – and providing a short-cut access to every website section with maximum 3-4 clicks required).

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