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Can you guide me to off-page SEO with list of basic actions needed for quality backlinks and wider public awareness?

The short answer is yes, I’ve got a nice basic intro to off-page SEO backed with a list of basic optimization techniques, which are recommended to everybody who’s still new at it. But before anything else, let’s face it – while many people believe that the Search Engine Optimization at the off-page level is limited just to organic link building, the truth is that it’s much more than just creating high-quality backlinks for ranking purposes. In fact, however, a proper off-page optimization for search is pulling together the following: Social Media, Forum Discussions, Blog Commenting, Article Sharing, Directory Submission, Questions & Answers, Broken Link Building, Competitive Research, and even more. That being said, now I’m going to show you my top four featured approaches to off-page SEO listed below.

Off-Page SEO: List of 4 Good Techniques for Beginners

  • Social Media Platforms – are really great sources for establishing off-page SEO for your business website. With a profile created on the most popular places, such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Pinterest, you will be able to grab some high-quality social backlinks. Social Media can also help you build stronger trust and better public awareness among the target niche audience.
  • Forums – can also become a nice way of improving your business brand/website name awareness. in line with pumping you more web traffic over time. Although far not all forum communities are actually able to help you with earning backlinks for off-page SEO (most commonly, pending on specific terms & conditions of the community, which allow only "no-follow" backlinks), their powerful effect on user engagement should never be underestimated.
  • Commenting on Blogs – given that you're used to dropping occasional comments, say, on YouTube, forums or social media sites, commenting on blogs can become a nice approach to off-page SEO too. Seriously, there are a lot of potential benefits from submitting your comments – and simply get a nice organic backlink in return. Of course, given that you stay focused on the topic, and can keep a reasonable conversation, which is closely related to your own website/blog topic or the sphere of the industry it involves. Yes, you've got it – never overdo with that, as irrelevant comments or too pushy efforts over there can easily result in "comment spam," that will get all your progress leveled.
  • Competitor's Backlinks – yes, you can use the best findings in link building, as well as the most performing link donors already employed by the leading competitor websites in your niche. All you need is to analyze external link profiles of your top performing market rivals – and instantly uncover new off-page opportunities with really valuable insight on the way of generating high-quality backlinks on your own website/blog. 

Doing so, I recommend you to spy on your closest competitors with a specific tool or online platform to inspect every piece of their website online performance – consider using Ahrefs SEO Toolkit, Semalt Analyzed (besides, it's my fave one), Moz's Open Site Explorer, or SEMRush. All of them got a use-proven performance, so it's only up to you to decide which online helper to pick.

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