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Is it possible to boost my current DIY strategy in local SEO with a sound on-page content?

Well, that would be a definitely challenging but still manageable task to create a really killing content to support your existing DIY effort with local SEO optimization. So, let’s face it – yes, a sound web copy and well-optimized on-page content can completely revamp your casual DIY strategy in local SEO, no matter how good and precisely targeted it may be. The thing is that your overall ranking progress driven by high-quality content approach is actually realized via natural link building, as well as the way of managing customer reviews and earning organic search traffic with unique articles/posts and supportive blog pages. All that being said, below let’s quickly run through each category of content-related ranking factors for you to finally understand how to rock the rankings locally – making most out of your great writing and content optimization skills. So, let’s see what can be done to that point.

Using Content to Support Your DIY Strategy in Local SEO

Set Stronger Local Focus

The thing is that focusing your on-page content on hyper-local keywords (i.e., those including a name of the city/town or a given location you’re targeting with your business website) can effectively help you with more performing and targeted customer outreach. Of course, it may seem like a no-brainer, but it’s far not easy to successfully narrow a rather sharp competition usually observed in a niche-oriented local search. So, it means that before creating a sound localized content for each targeted locale (and probably custom landings too) you will have to run in-depth research over and over again. Ultimately – to grab some performing content ideas tailored to your own unique local environment. That way, consider the following suggestions and actionable steps to get everything in place and complete the task without wasting too much time or effort.

Smart Content Ideas to Revamp Your Local SEO

Go Social

Conduct another extensive social analysis to identify your main target audience once again. This time – using Facebook’s Audience Insights to experiment with various industry categories and the rest of primary data available with this truly powerful social platform with standing user base of a planetary scale. Try to locate a narrow audience that would be easier to dominate – make most out of the demographics and psychographics to select the right content topics, set up the most fitting publishing schedule, and understand exactly what channels found over there can potentially become your best areas of further content promotion and distribution among the right people.

Use Analytics

Next, you should also inspect your current traffic data and gauge it with your primary performance metrics – either by way of running an in-depth website SEO audit with your own hands, or via employing some professional third-party assistance (i.e., hiring a skilled webmaster or getting assisted with a smart digital marketer). That way, ask yourself just one simple question: how people are actually reaching your website – either through direct traffic, organic search listings, or probably via social search? Doing so, it will be much easier for you to choose the right approach to write a killing topic-related article or post that will be digested and shared/liked/reposted by a definitely more targeted and maybe instantly wider audience of potential clients/buyer you’re addressing.

Blog Posts & Landing Pages

Consider having a deep delve into local content marketing that incorporates quality blog post creation before anything else – try to make most out of sharing user-generated content (i.e., customer reviews, testimonials, FAQ and Q&A sections), creating custom landings for each location served with your business (i.e., optimizing your landings with precisely-targeted local images with rich ALT texts), and supporting your content marketing strategy with local event write-ups, contributing local news & media stories, hosting /sponsoring local events, as well as guest blogging. Doing so, remember to be consistent when delivering another timely update to your NAP data. Beyond updating this core business information, you might as well add another shred of relevant content over there – consider dropping some local landmarks nearby, and never hesitate to add another good testimonial, say, from the other local business you’ve served with your own company.

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