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Does anyone know why a proper usage of SEO in business is that important?

As for me, I personally believe that there isn’t anything strange or mind-cracking about a truly extensive marketing and income-generating potential of Google’s organic SEO in business, actually disregarding its market niche, targeted audience of potential clients/buyers, as well as the major sphere of the industry involved. Put simply, among the most apparent and underlying benefits of SEO in business development and online promotion, creating a user-friendly website and making it well-optimized for organic search – otherwise, rebuilding & improving every web page so that the whole site can rank closer to the top of Google’s SERPs – means driving more potential customers and, therefore, setting a measurably higher income-generating prospects for the whole business (i.e., giving a spur to increased conversion rates). 

At the same time, however, SEO is known as an equally effective method of building wider public awareness and earning stronger trust among global online community. Also, from the viewpoint of small local companies and brick-and-mortar enterprises in particular, undeniable marketing benefits of SEO in business become even more crucial – what if I tell you that very often a low-quality website, which fails to perform well in Google’s organic search, draws a clear line between a reliable commercial growth in a highly competitive online environment over time, and its complete failure over there. That’s it. For all others, let me quickly run through the rest of the most crucial reasoning to clearly outline the preeminent importance of SEO in the modern business reality. 

What Makes a Great Potential of Organic SEO in Business

User-Friendly Website – Makes Everybody Happy

Given that the lion’s share of novice site owners and online entrepreneurs still believes that the Search Engine Optimization is only about “hacking” or “tricking” with Google so that the website appears prominently in the relevant search. But it’s actually a big deception – simply because organic White-Hat SEO techniques are by definition meant to make things easier for all – both the search engines (i.e., precisely technical side of website optimization), and the live users too (i.e., reworking/improving every on-page element that contributes better User Experience). So, with a well-structured, uncluttered and enticing website, every casual visitor (not to say the targeted one) – will simply stay longer, view more pages relevant to the item/service or data requested. That way, SEO actually helps people solve a lot of problems, giving a right hint or clear advice with high-quality content – to be ranked high, and therefore clearly seen on the top of the list of the SERPs. Which are relevant to a given keyword/long-tail phrase filled in the search bar by the user. That’s it.

Bottom Line

After all, let me list the rest of core SEO benefits, backed with a piece of cold statistics. Here is what makes the full potential of organic Google’s SEO in business:

  • Low-cost results, particularly when compared with any other means of digital marketing and paid online promotion.
  • Trackable progress with ongoing gains in organic search traffic, that can pull more visitors to a given site or blog – directly from Google's organic listing.
  • Stronger business brand credibility and user trust have already shifted online, and are seen now on the first page of Google’s related search results.
  • Commercial survival in terms of global online competition (over 250 million unique websites estimated to be within Google's global search index, with over 60% of user clicks received by the first search result).
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