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How will SEO services help you to improve your Google rank position?

TOP ranked position is what any businesses need to have for online success. According to statistical data, the first page of Google receives 95% of overall web traffic, with subsequent pages earning 5% or less of total traffic. There are a lot of people both professional and amateur who try to unlock the secrets of how to improve Google ranking and performance without incurring penalties. Unfortunately, there is no magic button to press that ranks your site in the TOP search results page spot without fail. In reality, it takes creativity, persistence, hard work and dedication to gain good optimization results. It is especially true due to the SEO sphere instability. The biggest search engine Google changes its ranking algorithm on a regular basis, making it almost impossible to hold the TOP position in the organic search. 

While there is no magic, there are some Google SEO services that will help you to dominate Google SERP. 

To build a winning optimization campaign, you need to know the basics of on-page SEO, learn how to optimize your site for both humans and Google crawlers, and to master off-site SEO. By what you should start with, it is the mechanism of Google ranking algorithm.

The principle of Google ranking algorithm work

It is essential to start your optimization campaign with learning how does Google rank websites. It will help you set up for a long-term success so that you are not penalized once a new update rolls out. According to industry figures, Google makes up to 600 changes per year. While the significant algorithm updates are announced, small changes stay unknown for webmasters. So it makes sense that 40% of marketers cite changing search algorithms as their biggest obstacle to SEO success. On the other hand, if every SEO specialist knew precisely how to rank in the first position without penalties for shortcuts or black-hat optimization techniques implementation, Google wouldn’t make success in ranking only the best results. Opening for general public all ranking secrets, Google will make it difficult and almost impossible to rank high for honest people who use organic SEO services. Google’s primary mission is to organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful.

Optimization trends have been changed drastically with the major algorithm updates like:

  • Mobile-friendly update

All web sources that want to rank high on Google should be adapted to all mobile devices. Since April 2015 Google has started favoring web source with mobile-friendly versions. That is why, nowadays, all Google SEO services include mobile responsiveness improvement. 

  • Pigeon

It was established in July 2014. It was designed to integrate local search results like Google Maps. This update gave an impetus to local businesses making it easy for people to search for brick-and-mortar companies. 

  • Hummingbird

This update was aimed to understand the context and intent behind a user’s search instead of just looking at the literal words they typed. 

  • Penguin

It is the last huge Google update that was designed to combat against targeting spammers and sites that buy unnatural links to improve their rankings.

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